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Facebook changes


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Dec 6, 2008
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Oahu Hawaii
Anyone else hate the changes that Facebook did this week?? Especially the search feature. It was hard enough to find buds before the change and even worse now. I personally hate Facebook and only have it because I am so far away from home, family and friends the past couple of years. I keep it to make them happy!
Facebook really SUCKS!!!

I hate Facebook too because they use your personal information anyway that they want with no subscriber security. Personally, it exist so FB can sell your information to the highe$t bidder. I value my privacy too much.

For those looking for employment, items entered on FB for fun gets twisted and used against you by your prospective employer. Why don't you just wear a sign on your back saying "Kick Me"!


It's coming out today that the U.S. government is using FB, among other sites, to spy on U.S. citizens in the name of preventing terrorism. How deep this scandal goes is still not understood.
We are so screwed with the current administration in Washington! The crap they are pulling is so bad and yet, most of the dumbass people in this country have no idea what is up! And the Whitehouse counts on that! Tons of stuff that they are doing that makes us look like Nazi Germany or worse. Today the news in New York it was reported they are setting up a new law that we the American public can not annoy the police. Look I have the utmost respect or the police, especially the State police. The City and County cops can be dicks, "wanna be" State Cops. But this new law will allow the cops in New York to arrest people for taking videos of cops arresting people because it annoys them. Again most cops are Ok but many are bad! Bad cops that treat people poorly and take away their rights because they don't like them. Now with that law in NY and that law that will expand to other states, they can do what ever they want and any video taken will have will be thrown out of court. I LOVE my country but I fear my Government!! So friggin sad! EVERY American Right or Left should be so outraged. But the mainstream Media, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSMBC, CNN are so in bed with Obama they don't say shit! It sucks so bad. They mainstream media had to get dragged into the scandals going on in Washington. Some reporters are outraged in that group but just watch! That group will let it slid and we will never get the truth! What is going on is WAY worse then Watergate. Shit, Americans have died and we get zero answers. Watergate was all about Nixon being paranoid that he would loose his election and he won by a landslide. And we have the President the last 5 years running around apologizing for what a terrible country we are. BULL SHIT! We do more around the world then anybody, we give out billions to those that hate us for no reason and our country is broke! Wake the fuck up America! And most of the country has no idea that this or that many other American rights are being eliminated. I am so pissed at how dumb our country has become. All they give a shit about is what the Kardashians and American Idol are doing and such. You watch Leno or Letterman and they go on the street and interview people. The people on the street can't tell you who Joe Biden the VP is, or the Secretary Of State, they have no idea what Benghazi is, no idea that the IRS has become a NAZI organization targeting people and groups and much more. But they can tell you who that douche Justin Bieber is and all of the same stupid people like him. Yet they have the right to vote. You should have to take a test to have the right to vote!! And Obama pushed to not have any ID verification for voting and is behind all of the scandals no matter what you think! He is a self centered dick! I am just as pissed at George Bush for some of the shit he allowed! Wake up! It doesn't matter if it is liberal or conservative, we are loosing our country fast! I am 25 and my plans are to move out of the USA within the next two years. My grand father died in WW2 saving us, my Dad fought in wars and nobody gives a fuck. I don't see things getting better so I have several countries I plan to move to. I am not going to put up with a country of morons! I just don't think the Americans will ever wake up until it is too late!
It's coming out today that the U.S. government is using FB, among other sites, to spy on U.S. citizens in the name of preventing terrorism. How deep this scandal goes is still not understood.

Just mentioned that on the other thread Tampa. It's just been on the late news that the USA and the UK are sharing information about emails and phone calls. Given the current terrorist situation there has to be some protection and this is the only way it can be done. There is a fine line between intelligence and personal information.