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Diesel Jimmy and Mike

Denny Bear

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Oct 20, 2008
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Sioux City, IA
To quote David "now that's what porn is all about" man what a movie! When I saw the teaser I figured oh no these boys are going to rip poor Jimmy apart and we would have another forced sex scandal to bitch about but not the case. Jimmy did take it hard but took it like a champ and obviously enjoyed every inch of it, (pun intended) I was hoping Jimmy would have tried some cum eating or tried teasing Mikes dick again but it was still a dam hot scene. But ok now the pink elephant in the room. I believe we were talking about viewing films out of sequence? Well in this case according to the script Jimmy has bottomed for Diesal which we have not seen and has had oral with Mike which we have. Mike has had anal which we have not seen but Diesal has not which we have, can you say confusing? So anyhow yes they are out of sequence big time but it is still a great shoot and I could care less about sequence. So the cat is out of the bag how about we not turn this one into a bitch fest about how far out of sequence it is and just enjoy the movie? I thought it was great and I gave it a 5...:thumbup1:
Me too, a 5 and a bunch of kleenex. Best line: "My bad (chortle chortle)" when Mike inadvertently (?) hit li'l Jim's epiglottis and made him gag.
It WAS a good shoot - Diesal is as chirpy and attractive as ever; Mike gets better and better. I don't remember this Jimmy - will have to look up the back episodes and find him.
A well-deserved 5*
Not part of the Diesal cult, Mike is still growingon me and not there, and Jimmy is just not all that. A sollid two...
Excellant film in every way. Starting with the production values, this episode seemed to be so crisp and clear and the color was even throughout, unlike some of the episodes we have seen. Was it a new camera being tried out? Or was it simply better lighting? Even the sound quality was up a few notches from regular. The camera angles were also excellant, allowing us to see the full penetration of Jimmy's luscious ass, the facial shot of Jimmy trying to suck both cocks into his mouth, and when Diesal reached over and spread Jimmy's ass cheeks and dribbled some spit as extra lube for Mike, I could almost feel his cock sliding in, damn near shot my wad!

And then there's the boys, what a great combo. First there's Diesal, 'nuff said. (I absofukinlutely Love Diesal, so don't get me started) Then you have pre-tatooed, cum gusher Mike and his ever ready stiffy, and poor lobster boy Jimmy who tried to get tan for us but over did it. I loved it when Jimmy was on his knees sucking Mike's cock and Mike reached over, un prompted and started to massage Diesal's cock, I also got a kick out of the swordplay, that was hot as hell and should be incorporated into more scenes.

This episode should have ben titled "The Domination of Jimmy" because that is what it was from the get go, and I think Jimmy loved "every inch of it", to quote Denny. This boy was a hot, receptive and willing bottom, kind of like a C.J. with feelings. His pleasureable moaning and groaning added so much to the scene, it took it from ho-hum to hoo-rah! The one thing that would have made it better for me would have been if Jimmy had sucked Mike's cock clean after he shot his wad in his face, that always pushes me over the edge!
Both Diesal and Mike were obviously enjoying their dominant roles in this scene and they played them to perfection, probably because this is their natural role outside of the studio. The two worked so well together and complimented each other's performance's extremely well. Judging by the smiles on their faces and the huge cumshots from all three boys, they enjoyed the hell out of this shoot as much as I did.
Excellant film all the way around! I gave it a solid 5!

Laterz - Jason

P.S. Denny, see Drew and Mike, Oct 26th, 09 for Mike' bottom scene
P.S. Denny, see Drew and Mike, Oct 26th, 09 for Mike' bottom scene

I stand corected, Thank you Jason. Not to hijack a thread but I didnt notice before Drew actually has a fine looking bod on that boy, I think he has been working out. Well worth a second look.