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Diesel Bottom soon?


Mar 25, 2009
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So is anybody else wondering when the scene of Diesal bottoming is going to be released? Any thoughts?
So is anybody else wondering when the scene of Diesal bottoming is going to be released? Any thoughts?

Under the July updates thread I hinted to Mark that the scene of Diesal bottoming would make a nice "extra update". We can only hope he takes the hint. (He's pretty good at that.......)

Be well,

I know Diesal's appeared a few times but I cannever recall which one he was...
Diesal is pretty hot, he has done a few shoots with my favourite Danny....hot as!
Ok it is official I may have a touch of OCD where Danny is concerned lol!!! :sneaky2::sneaky2:
Just a thought....

I am a huge fan of the lovely Diesal, but a bigger fan of the wonderful Danny.
Now we have had vids where Diesal has topped Danny.
As we are going to see Diesal bottom, will we get to see Danny top Diesal.
Thanks Mark! Whatever bones you can throw us, you know we'll enjoy!

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her poor doggie a bone
Went she bent over
The doggie took over
And gave her a bone of his own
No Danny. Jimmy is with Diesal. Don't know who tops whom but it very well could be diesel on the bottom.

Hi Jayce.
Do you mean Jimmy of Jimmy and Mike.
They where a good paring Jimmy and Mike.
PS the sun has just cum out here, OMG will you look at the state of my sitting room windows, i must take a bucket of hot soapy water to them at some stage.
I wonder why David chose Jimmy to top Diesal? We haven't seen much of Jimmy and I can think of at least six tops who I would love to have seen topping Diesal. Guess I'd better wait and see how it turns out, but I must admit I was hoping for someone like Logan or Scott or Ross or Erik or .........
I'm working on this for you guys but there has been a delay with it. I will get it to you as soon as I can.


Thanks Mark,

We know you are doing your best. Keep up the great work.:thumbup: