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Diesal and Shane OH WOW

Very hot scene with those two..
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Sorry, I had to take a call. LOL. Anyway, that scene is pretty hot had heavy and everyone appears to be having a hot time. Great action...:thumbup:
Worthy of serious consideration

I so love Shane. His presence alone makes this a promising site, visually speaking of course.


Is there any kissing? I plan to join that site next week, but am curious for a preview of what the scenes are like prior to my joining that brand new start-up site.

I only saw the previews but I saw some great body worship and some kissing. I cannot say any more about that other than what I saw in the preview.:001_cool:
There is kissing. Lots of it. Also barebacking...
YUM!!!! I am SO EXCITED about their new sites! I can't wait to join next week! Plus, with a membership to www.backroomfuckers.com you also get a free bonus membership to another one of their new sites, www.straightrentboys.com ! This promises to be some hot new stuff! And the thought of more Diesal and Shane, and barebacking and kissing, gets me all tingly!

I still think that would be sooooooooooo freakin hot if Diesal shows up in a scene sometime and once his clothes come off you are treated to his 6'5" muscular body COMPLETELY SHAVED! OMG that would be so hot!

So who is doing the barebacking then ?

So far the two bb scenes that have gone up have Shane topping in one and Diesal topping in the other. I don't recognize the bottoms. The site is very new and doesn't yet list the models in the scenes unless they updated that today.
I'm afraid I cannot afford any more subs so will have to wait. It's a funny thing but I like to watch some bb movies but dont fancy watching Shane or diesal do it and I don't know why....