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Oct 24, 2008
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Brooklyn New York
From the Upcoming Updates on the front page of the site, we see a "new hot straight boy" coming up in the next update, and then the same young man shirtless with another model, coming up on Friday. I understand that the remaining scenes appear to have been the "bottom of the barrel" stuff filmed in non-HD, but "Daniel" looks hot in a Robert Pattinson (Twilight) way.

I look forward to checking out this new "brokie" and see if he does look like Robert.
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Robert & Daniel

Here is a visual comparison.


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Daniel has a future. There's something magic about 6' tall and 146#'s that delievers a magic package, hung, hard, and long with nice nuts. All manageable though conscientiously challenging. I love it. With me, Daniel would never have to get dressed and, I knew what he looked like before he stripped.. Plus, he's a nice kid.:closedeyes:
I found his very tiny teeth quite distracting but overall, he was a really nice guy and I liked his solo.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Daniel.
Not Robert Pattinson, but very nice!

I see that Daniel is not in the quality class of Robert Pattinson, but he is an attractive young man. I love his hair, and his beautiful blue eyes, with a smooth thin body and a very nice dick, that our hero David, felt compelled once again to "reach out and touch". I do love when David does that as I feel like his hands are an extension of mine, and I would have done precisely the same thing.

Daniel is the hottest new model I've seen recently, as Mark uploads the remainder of David's scenes onto the site.

I do look forward to seeing more of this handsome, nice young guy.
The start of this clip is David at his best. Making me connect with DANIEL and David grabbing his cock. Only the very best directors can make a porn shoot look that easy.

But during the jerk off, my mind wondered away, only focusing again when Daniel whispers that he is going to cum. Daniel was almost too professional, but that will change in his next appearance.
I found his very tiny teeth quite distracting but overall, he was a really nice guy and I liked his solo.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Daniel.

Well observed, as did I. However, I must agree with the other posters and compliment Daniel on his overall performance.
He's cute, but teeth :( I'm big on teeth...
Part of it is his gums. Most people's upper lips pretty much cover their gums when they speak or smile, but not Dan's. Everyone knows someone with that sort of sweet, gormless, gummy smile that once you've noticed it and filed it, you can kind of ignore. But Daniel's excessive gingival exposure is complicated by the wee teeth, and the combo is hard to get used to.

jon, it apparently can be corrected:

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Whoever takes the still shots for upcoming shoots does one helluva job in making the models look better than they actually look. I remember one photo of David that made him look a good 50lbs lighter and I actually thought he had dieted some weight away. This might have been College Boy Physicals now that I think about it. With that being said, Daniel looks very good in his still photo but when the mouth opens that's all I can focus on and it's very distracting. Whatever the teeth problem is and I know it's expensive folks to fix, it would greatly help his overall appearance
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Notwithstanding dentistry which he obviously cannot afford otherwise why would he be on Broke Straight Boys, I very much like Daniel and can't wait to see him with Price.
I agree Jon. I love his eyes, among other parts, and if I had the pleasure to be alone with him, my attention would be focused well below his mouth, all the way down to the mid section of his body. This is the first update that I'm actually looking forward to, in a long time.
Flossing is affordable.
Discolored teeth, puffy gums and the appearance of a gummy smile points to some form of perio diisease aka plaque build up that hardens into calculus and causes swelling in the gums and a poor coloring to the gums. Take another look, its periodontal in nature.

As for what I'm like, you know. I just don't care for sloppiness and take no pity if someone has a problem with an easy solution and they don't fix it. Aka proper hygiene.
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