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Culture Sharing


Jun 14, 2010
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I think it would be interesting to post vids, songs or info that are popular in our countries and are part of our country's culture. People from U.S.A. would be nice if they tried to post something that we outside of the US might not know.I mean the majority knows who Julia Roberts or Madonna is etc etc .

I will go first. I am from greece and i will talk about the most popular greek actress. Her name is Aliki Vougiouklaki and she has been worshipped for 60 years now and even after her death, her star continuous to shine through the new generations. She represents for us Greeks the Summer, the Sun, positive energy etc. She is also a gay icon here in greece!She was born in 1934 and died from pancreatic cancer in 1996. Thousands of greeks attended her funeral mourning her loss...

Here is a video of her singing in one of her most popular movies(also the first color greek movie) in 1961 called "Alice in the Navy". The song talks about no matter what happens in your life you should always smile and move forward cause life is so small and is not worth being sad over anything!

Enjoy, comment and please share something from your own country....
Wow i didn't know anything about him. Really interesting!
Yeah i think its better if you are from the US to put something from your homestate!
This idea excites me as I am often taken back by the wide selection of people we have on this forum. We are spread from all corners of the world but yet all tied together for a common quest. I always enjoy when our members talk about where they are from and the things they do differently. America is so diverse it is hard to find something that truly represents us but I have taken a shot in these selections. I hope you all enjoy.





Hey guys

I think this thread is great. Just wanted to add one of my idols. I currently live in Australia - Country NSW. Unfortunately my idol is also probably one of the most controversial people around. His name - Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter). Steve was a legend and a master conservationist. He is remembered as the guy people either loved or hated. I have attached a few of his clips on youtube surrounding his passion for conservation and life in general. I am not sure how well known he is around the world (my guess would be that a number of you may have heard of him) . Hope you enjoy the clips.
Cheers Boys
P.S. Sorry I forgot to add that Steve was killed filming a doco on stingrays in September 2006. Died doing the job he loves!!