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CD scene with Kyle Harley;


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Feb 16, 2013
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New York
I know some members are not into the College Dudes site for various reasons but, I checked out the three-way scene featuring: Kyle Harley, Trent Ferris, and Alex Jordan. I am "crushing on" Trent Ferris and think he would make a good Broke Straight Boys transition. Alex Jordan is just a real cutie and Kyle Harley, well in my opinion, still needs to find his comfort zone in front of the camera but didn't take anything away from the scene. I like a good three-way when the boys are all: easy on the eyes and involved in the action! Some may not like it but, I did and recommend checking it out for those who don't mind passionate, (mixed sexuality) boy on boy(on boy) sex.
can you please post the link on here, because por some reason i can search for that video on there or find 2 of the 3 models you said
the best thing about College Dudes is that like guys who are fratmates, they frequently have sex without condoms - the way most guys
BETUDIDNTKNOW: excellent post - kru luvs on u..millegrazi
like it when they are not trying to look like some paragon of sex-saintliness...that scene with Trent and Kyle and Alex was raw..and like the College Dudes' raw scene the website did not see the need to post some gosh-darned deep scientific bloohound-up-the-sphincter explanation -> the way raw sex occurs in the realworld- bb just happens and everybody likes the feel...
Great post for a comment,
Much luv for bb-jizz oozing boyhole due to caring raw cocksman,
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