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CBP: The Doctor will see Austin Grant


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Mar 10, 2010
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I am thrilled to see Austin Grant again in the next CPB episode beginning 2/23/12. I am a fan of Austin and he is looking great in the preview picture. I would like to encourage other Austin Grant fans to visit the Doctor's Office too to see what's up!:wtf:


Oh God, not Austin Grant again!
Once again, I agree with you 100%, JLipps.

Much like with certain other "popular" models on both Broke Straight Boys 1 & 2, I think that Austin is a cool guy with a fun personality, but he does not turn me on, sexually.

No offense meant to Austin, but we all have our own individual tastes, and he is not someone that I would watch again.
I'm soooooo happy he's back....... one of my fav's.
Dont know whether David has still access to Broke Straight Boys forum and reads comments on College Boy Physicals but since he is still producing for the site and Gusher, within Blu, I hope he does.This comment is meant for him.
Long time members may have noticed that besides Austin Grant in the latest update,also nurse AJ (former Broke Straight Boys model (see 4gasm also with Austin, Hollywood,Ashton Cooper June 7, 2008 and even further back a scene as Alan with Nikolas Jul 28, 2007) showed-up again lately.Did not expect in the least we would ever see these models back here and I am delighted.
Just like Mikeyank Austin does not turn me on eighter, at least not anymore,but this is not the point. The point is it remembers the good old days and I wonder whether both guys looked David up again or the other way around.
Whatever as far as I am concerned, it may happen more often with other former Broke Straight Boys models who are still performing and in good shape.
Call it nostalgy but that's the way I feel it.Well done David.
I like Austin, he's hot, funny and really enjoys sex! That will work for me!
I have loved Austin for ages on both Broke Straight Boys and College Boy Physicals and was stunned to see him back.

Thank you thank you thank you for bringing him back.

Now I have another video to add to my Austin collection.

Hey Admiral, I totally agree with you, I love Austin and his "hairy" look is hot! Could you imagine being a doctor and that stud walks in wanting a "physical;" "nurse, cancel all the rest of today's appointments, this is going to take a while!":001_tongue:


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So glad to see Austin return to the screen. Hopefully, this will not be a one-time deal for this extra hot model. Welcome back Austin and a big thank you to David and Eddy.