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Jan 5, 2009
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Does anyone know anything about this. Checked it out. Looks a bit phony. :confused1:
ok.... I looked up the page..... I don't really know if it is anything of worth or not...... I will pass on the page to a couple friends of mine and see what they think on the matter
Welcome to the forum. It looks to be another version of flirt4free. I did not feel like becoming a member to it though. Most of those places are very expensive and the models see very little return. I.e. flirt4free charges something like 5 dollars a min. they pay the models like a dollar a min. So, I elect not to invest at all. I figure if the sites get poor they will figure out a better split for the models. I believe it is ridiculous that those companies would need to make $4.00 per min. to host a model using their own home and their own equipment. I do my own web hosting for $100.00 for two years I have unlimited band width and I can host 25 different domains. Under my hosting plan they even provide web design technical support.

I am all for ripping the carpet out from under companies like flirt4free and camforit by encouraging subscribers to boycott the sites all together. Some of those models will do anything though for a dollar because of where they live. Pls. understand that all of the models are paid differently too depending on where they are working. So, models in countries like Canada and the USA may get a larger personal cut of the money. Where as some models work for a studio that supplies them with a room and equipment to do their shows.