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BSB is better than ever


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Nov 30, 2009
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I've been thinking about Broke Straight Boys a lot lately. I was thinking of the major improvement in the quality of the new videos. It seems as if the models, are enjoying the pairings and the sex more than ever. Today's ofering was the greatest sessions in my time as a member of Broke Straight Boys Leon and Preston kissed, docked, and Preston grabbing Leon's hair was great, and it seemed real and spontanious.

The pairings like Nelson and Gino, Preston and Leon, Zakk and Ryan, Leon and Gino, some of the three ways were outstanding. Shane is fun to watch. Mike R has turned into a model I look fowrd to see. Even though I would like to see Mike R bottom for Preston and Leon, I hope that he is able to continue with Broke Straight Boys

This site has had it's highs and lows, but I have always felt it was a great site, and a real value. Recently it has gotten better. I have one request, keep the older models comming back. They Rock! I would like more of Dr. Fingerfuck. I have learned about so many thinhs especially with the Dr. and Nelson.

Personally, I am so sorry for the forum and the effect it had on David, I amj so glad to see David still here and better than ever.
Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you are enjoying the site. We have major plans to improve things greatly soon so stay tuned. :)

Mark, that is terrific news. David's videos are now so unbetterable, and the straighties that he's got in his stable so perfect for the site, and the whole feeling so unique, that I don't see how it could be much improved. But as long as we get the Florida vibe, and David's finetuned banter and subtle sense of humor, and more of the boys he's begun so unerringly to pick out from the candidates he interviews, bring on any major plans you like.