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BsB Backgrounds


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Jul 25, 2009
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Hello I have been looking through this site trying to see if there are any backgrounds of the models, i would love a background of both Mike and Anthony being they are both unbelievably sexy please let me know where to find any if any exist~Elvn
Hello Elvn,
Welcome to the site! To answer your question, what background info there is on any particular model can be found in the opening dialogue David has with each boy at the start of the video. On occasion, David has offered tidbits upon request, but he must strive to protect the privacy of our boys, and so walks a narrow line. There have been a few boys who have come online to offer the opportunity to ask questions as well, so if you so desire, you might post a question under the New Reply heading
at the top of the page we are on now. Just click on it, choose a heading for your topic, and pose your question, either to David, or to the model, if you prefer.

Again, welcome to Broke Straight Boys/BCB and thank you for joining us in Forum. We look forward to your avid participation!!
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