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Broke Straight Boys is on Facebook! Be our Friend!

Hello Everyone!

Broke Straight Boys is now on Facebook! Be our Fan to stay current with all of our latest updates and new models.

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Hey Chuck this is great news and I have already signed in but I just wanted to take a moment to remind folks that although Face Book is great for making friends it is not so good at keeping secrets. If you sign into Facebook just remember your telling all your friends a lot about you. Be especially careful of your models that could be Facebook friends with some of your other people.
Awesome for free marketing, but kinda scary in terms of privacy. No offense!

Good luck!
very good points... Which is why its completely optional for people to be a fan or not. Of course we are always going to be softcore only, there will be links to the disclaimer page of our site from time to time.

but softcore in our posts and updates...
I have already signed up and requested you guys as a friend. I'm not worried about who sees what. I'm not closeted. I'm also not a sissy so the people who know me, know me as Steve, not Gay Steve. If you are concerned, adjust your privacy settings.

I can't wait to see what you guys are doing next.
I'll be sending the friend request too but I've got a separate page for that since I don't want one small aspect of my life making people adjust their settings so they see none of it...
Just a reminder if you want to be our fan or a friend on Facebook that your friends and family could see it. Many that really want to be a part of us on FB create another account.

Its completely optional of course, but just wanted everyone to understand the privacy part of it.

We are wishing Facebook had a way to hide status of fan pages from their friends/family. So you could enjoy certain fan sites without others knowing. We sent a request of this to facebook, send your ideas too so they add it!

<end rant>
facebook also will at random post 'become a fan' of anything on your list of sites to anybody at random on your friends list. I'm out and proud but don't see the need to have my seventy-one year old mother get suggestions to become a fan of 'Broke Straight Boys'. Can't deny it's funny somewhat...
i wanted to be a friend...but its gone....:(
you guys should get a twitter!!!! omg i would love to read tweets like "Diesal is back again and this time him and 5 of our other models are having a hot orgy!"
We have a Twitter account but haven't been updating it yet.. but now that I see people want it. I will see about getting that updated more often for everyone!

what is the twitter name we should search for?
Hi Guys.

Find us on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/BrokeStr8Boys
On Facbook our page is down temporary. When its back up you can search Broke Straight Boys.. but I will let you know when we are back up as well!

Thanks for your patience. We will now have twitter and FB updates!

They have apps that will sync your status updates between the two sites if you're interested in appealing to both parties without duplicating your work!

I'd say Twitter will actually get you more exposure marketing wise, though ;)