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Braden and Peter Deja Vu


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Oct 28, 2008
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Can you say Deja Vu? Please I am not complaining, sooner or later these things happen. I am certain we watched this episod already on July 24th.:confused1:
Yeah. The narrative is for a different scene. But the video is the wrong one.
don't get me wrong! I think peter and braden are hot together but was a little dissapointed with an episode we've already seen.
Hi All,

I watched this video at 2:00 Am NY Time..i thought it looked familiar,ii usaully read the intro but didn't this morning...I guess someone partied to much before checking...I am sure it will be corrected soon...

Have a good dy all!!!!

Anthony from LINY
I agree I started the video and I am like I have seen this before. Where's the oral? I guess someone made a mistake. Too bad for us members
Fixed. It is now showing the right update: Braden and Peter Oral Scene.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Just watched the corrected video. Not too bad! Peter has a great body and cock. Seems like a sweet young guy. He needs to get over his nervous laughter but I think he will continue to move up the ladder of gay for pay. Braden is a hot guy but seems a bit bored by it all. I guess the next time these two are together will tell the story
Hi Guys,

Well i watched the oral scene and i must say it was not worth it at all.I have never posted a negative coment on here but i just do not see Braden doing well here at all.
He just seems very unmotivated and uninterested in the scenes.Braden is goodlooking,has a nice body and cock but he just shows nothing at all.

David i know you like giving models a chance but this guy should give up already, i for one would not miss him.

Again i am sorry for the negativety.

Enjoy your day.

Anthony from Patchogue NY
I enjoyed this vid a lot because of Peter :) I found his nervous laugh to be somewhat refreshing as he honestly seemed to be game to try new things but clearly was experiencing getting and giving oral with a guy for the 1st time. You can't fake that. I also think Peter is a hottie and hope stuck around to be paired with some other guys besides Braden :p
Sorry guys I wasn't feeling so great and really screwed the pooch on that one. Everything is fixed now.

Thanks Mark and Scorpio. You guys are awesome. "To err is human." We are all entitled to make mistakes from time to time... Its all good now. That is what counts in the long run.:001_smile:
I love Braiden

I love Braiden. He's got one of the prettiest dicks ever to appear on Broke Straight Boys and he is pretty himself. Very handsome body and face. I agree with others that he appears disinterested and disconnected with the process, but what's hot about this guy is that when he gets a chance to stick his straight boy dick in a hole, it makes his dick very hard. It stays hard and it blows like a trooper! This is a very horny straight boy. I love him. :001_rolleyes:
Peter "Sucks"

Just watched the new one with Braden and Peter It was far from sexy that guy Peter is wrong for further vids Felt sorry for poor Braden who did all the work!!
I think Branden's 'disinterested and disconnected' appearance comes from being naturally very laid back and comfortable with what he is doing. Afterall he did his solo without any porn playing. His nature, I think helped Peter's nerves alot (which could have anoid another model) and remember he probably made the difference between Tommy (in Branden and Tommy) leaving the studio and jacking off. I think he is good with nervous new models but could be good to see with an experienced model who likes to fuck i.e. test his boundaries.

Peter has a real hot body and perhaps would have benefited from a solo scene first. Interesting to see what happens in next instalment of Branden and Peter on 28 August. Can you imagine seeing a dominant Peter flipping another boy in a solid fucking session? What development.