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BoyGusher is smoking hot!!!!


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas

Thank you for adding another great site! Boy Gusher is a total winner! I haven't seen all of the episodes yet, but what I have seen are great! You guys do a wonderful job and it's great to see David getting in on the action a little more in some of them!
Can't wait to see the rest and upcoming shoots!
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Also I like to Add that what you see is just the start of another great site! We have some really HOT stuff coming onto that site too!!!
So, maybe I am missing something.... Is Boy Gusher a different site from College Dudes? The links above take you to College Dudes which I preveiwed with the trial membership awhile ago.

Yes Boy Gusher is a new site part of the new network which has College Dudes. If you are a member you can access it directly at http://members.boygusher.com. If you aren't a member check out those threads to sign up or use the link below. You do get 10.00 or more off the membership price because you are already a member of Broke Straight Boys and those sites in network 1. Note the join link below is for College Dudes but by joining the site you will get access to Boy Gusher for free.


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Hot, Hot, Hot!!! Hay mucho calor

Boy Gusher is a great site. How can it not be with the likes of Tyler, Sean, Zack Randall, AJAY, Mario etc from College Boy Physicals and Broke Straight Boys doing what comes naturally.

I don't know how long you guys have had this in mind, but it is great that you brought it to fruition. Congrats on a site well done!
Some pics from my fave Boy Gusher vids so far. Tyler and Sean, and do any of you recognize Zack from College Boy Physicals with mustache and sideburns? Then there is another Holden........


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