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Blake, jeremy & austin


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Nov 8, 2008
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I wonder if my eyes are going on me and I am only 30 but I have a feeling that Jeremy my not be as straight as we are led to believe. I noticed that while he is getting fucked on his back that the star tattoos are in fact 6 different colors but then again I could be seeing things. Has anyone else noticed it or is it just me? BTW Merry Christmas Happy Holidays
Oh My! David I think that is one of the hottest and wildest scenes you have ever shot. Who cares if the straight guy may be a bit bi. With that kind of action who gives a shit...:tongue_smilie:
2 threads on same subject so 2 posts from me as it's Christmas.

Agreed Yabba but I'll go a bit further and state there is more kissing in this film than all the other Broke Straight Boys films put together lol. Nothwithstanding the kissing, the rest of the film was good too with an excellent cum shot from Austin.

If Jeremy is totally str8 then he should get an Oscar for his performance or maybe the word straight in the USA means something different. LOL

David - Although we didn't get a special Xmas film this year, this film is a good replacement. Well done, congratulations and a Very Merry Christmas to you all. xxx
Blake, Jeremy and Austin

This video is a definite 10. Just the thing for Christmas morning after the gift opening. I'm a big Austin fan. I have never ever seen him like this before. Came close when Tyler sucked himj off, and Dustin fucked him, but this was better. He was so turned on, especially by Jeremy, who is now one of my Broke Straight Boys favorites. Was it all the kissing or was it Austin taking control of things? This definitely is nominated as one of my favorite videos of the year. This comes pretty close to topping the Diesal/Jimmy series.

Thank you.
wow!!!!!!HOW HOT that was !!!!!!!!! it was not porn anymore , but a sensual, passionate love scene captured on cam !!! "str8" boy couldn't get enough of everything !!!:tongue_smilie: Couldn't help to imagine that scene with Diesal instead of Blake :ohmy:......For me too this vid goes to my top shelf along with Diesal/Jimmy........Time for cold shower !!!



Cannot wait to see what the now famous "Casper's scale" will come up with this one ...LOL
Well my people, here goes...
This was a scene in search of a direction until Austin finally got Jeremy on his back. Then he bolted straight for the finish line. Give Austin control of every video he is in from now on. He was awesome with his long curvy dick and Texas attitude perfect to fuck a new guy. Austin is always reliable and a cum-shot king. I really like Blake too with as we in the recording business say a great "studio tan!" He was groaning with the best of them when Austin got him on his back. I just wish we would have had a least one close-up reaction shot of Blake. And Jeremy...not the straightest, straight boy I`ve ever seen but good. Except some director should teach him how not to block the insertion shots. All in all, first half wandering around...second half
kick ass! There was only one serious disappointment for me..no first time insertion shot. It cut to Austin already inside him, fucking him. Isn`t the whole point of using a straight boy to fuck for the first time the reaction on his face when that first hard dick slides in his ass?? It completely jumped over that whole process. Why???
This comes pretty close to topping the Diesal/Jimmy series.

Thank you.

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said except this one line. Diesal and Jimmy set the bar pretty high and I have yet to see anyone approach it, let alone top it.
I noticed you had no accolades for Blake, neither did I, but I did give him an honorable mention.
I hope we get to see Austin and Jeremy togethher again without the distraction of a third wheel, then they may become contenders.

Fa la la la la - Jason
wow a lot of flush chests in this scene. I get turned on seeing sweat and heat flush..i think it means real passion is happening inside the body and not just a quick get off. very nice. and i like the supporting act by Jeremy after he came..nothing turns me OFF more then a selfish lover who stops dead after he comes and leaves the other person finishing themselves off. i voted 5..
ITA qwerty! Loved the flushed bodies, and the continued participation by Jeremy after his bust was just great! Lots of red cheeks from the spanking, too!

Great vid!! Totally a FIVE!!