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Behind the scenes


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Oct 26, 2008
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You can lose the makeup part. I prefer to think what I see on the screen is natural. I admit I never even gave it a thought the guys had makeup on.
However, the interview part is good. I must say I was impressed with Tyler. He is one smart young man it would seem and very well spoken. I'm sure not all the guys will agree to do interviews, but for me it's nice to find out a little about them.

I'd like to get a real 'behind the scenes' from Scorpio. He does great stuff and he's HOT! Seriously, I would like to hear about how he does all this stuff and how he got involved with Broke Straight Boys
Too much reality stuff here. It may hinder my fantasy about straight men coming off the street to do gay sex. Maybe a little dose of reality will anchor my feet on the ground as I get a sexual high on Broke Straight Boys episodes.