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Amateur Boys First Time Videos


Nov 17, 2010
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Does anyone else but me have a problem viewing the videos in the Amateur Boys First Time Bonus Site? For the past few updates I've onlt been able to see individual clips on Quicktime whereas I use to be able to watch the entire scene in three sections on Windows Media player. Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.
I gave up on BFT. I AHVe a Mac and therefore do not have Windows Media Pkayer, and therefore cannot get any clips or scenes. Oh well.
I too have been having problems wih site. Can only view pictures, not videos. :anyone:
try downloading Silver Light that is the format that what there using. it will help as far as the Mac goes you can also download it see if this will help I have o problems what so ever watching any od the videos
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Always feels good to know you are not alone. Perhaps Mark and company will explore a different Bonus Site that we can all view. Thanks again.

I too am using a Mac. You can download a mac version of Windows Media Player. Try googling for one.