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AIDEN LANE at the SAN DIEGO PRIDE July 18,2010


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Jun 2, 2010
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For all members fan of Aiden Lane dont miss the file under BTC if you want to see him re-appearing,after a long period
of absence,at the Broke Straight Boys stand together with Austin Grant and Diesal

Aiden's shoot for Broke Straight Boys with Jamie Donovan(update May 20,2006) stood amongst members favorites with a rating of 4.5 for quite a while.

Look at the pics of the pride and you will see him in action in an abvious very hot 3 Way with Austin & Diesal in their hotel room.

Aiden gained weight and those who saw the pics may not have recognized him immediately just like myself,but it is him allright and he still is a very handsome man.A little older but well kept.

A pity there only seem to be pics of the pride,unless...the video still has to be released as a surprize?
Yes. Thank you Scorpio. I look forward to watching the pride videos. And of course the photos of the hotel room scene are very good as well.