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Advertisement Haze Him


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Apr 7, 2009
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New York

Be careful of the site that is being advertised on he here, "Haze Him".
It is a rip off!
I signed up for the trial period just to check it out and nowhere does it say that you get a few small non-important clips from the videos unless you join as a full member.
You get bits and pieces but nothing worth watching!
I feel that it is a scam and I sent an email asking if that is what they meant by trial membership and why it isn't stated that you wouldn't see a full video and have got no response.
Live and learn I guess.:thumbdown:
I did the same thing a couple months ago. I paid for the trial membership then after I saw that I had to pay for the full membership to see the full videos I did that to. It was a waste as there are not many videos there, at least for the month I paid for.
I heard that from another member. He told me that he got the trial membership and it didn't allow him access to any videos other than a few lousy teaser clips. He was quite upset and vowed not to get a membership there. I didn't know that even with a monthly membership that the content was bad though. Yikes!
Tampa, I hear the same thing from another member. He said he did the did the trial membership and it was basically a bate and switch. When will the sites learn that they would get more trafic by just being honest.:cursing:
I was shocked to see it advertised on a blu media site. I thought they had more dignity.
Funny in another post I asked them to add Haze Him to the extra sites on HSBoys. I like the tease clips they show and as a young guy loved the Hazing events I went to and NO ONE ever got hurt. I never joined so I didnt get the things mentioned here.
The ads look hot as well as the teaser videos, but I suppose it is not a quality site like this one. This is my only pay site, but if told that the hazing site was actually hot, I might subscribe. A bunch of my college friends joined a fraternity, but I was afraid that I would get hard when I was stripped, so I opted out. But I wish I could have seen what they did to each other. Frat hazing is a very hot fantasy to me.
Hey Guys


I too was suckered into a membership with them, I payed for a 3 month subsricption off the bat (no pun intended) and unfortunately was treated like the rest of you. Expensive joining fee and from memory has 6 videos currently online. The most dissapointing aspect is that you can not download the videos, can only stream them. However they forget to mention that the streaming is shit for lack of a better word. It took me close to 2hrs to watch a 30 min vid as it continued to freeze and then play 5 mins later, missing all content between. I complained to management and luckily received a full refund, no apology however.
Cheers guys.
Sorry to hear about that guys. I will have a chat with them to see what is going on. I do know they are building up their site because it is fairly new. I would always suggest reading the fine print on join pages and any pre-checked items. This is very common now and even more common with non adult stuff.

I joined as a full member, and my only complaint is that you can't download the videos. They have three of my all time favourite videos on this site - all are fantastic and well worth the price of a full membership as far as I'm concerned. Most of the others involve young straight frat boys taking it up the ass :) Just a pity you can't download!
Beware of this site Haze Him, they took my money and I never did get to see a whole video, only bits and pieces. They never responded to my email about this problem.

I am shocked that Broke Straight Boys ownership is still advertising Haze Him, they must not have checked it out thoroughly.
Mark, I did read the fine print when I joined and it did not say anywhere that you would not see the entire video, just bits and pieces.
They would be a better site if they were honest. Also, they do not respond to emails.
Thanks Yabba for pointing us in the right direction. Your a legend.
Cheers :)
I bought the year long membership for one price. So far I'm satisfied with the site. I understand that there may/may not be actual "hazing" but I enjoy the illusion of college frat boys going wild - I'm a wannabe frat. I was too busy studying to bother with fraternities and college games. Now I regretted not having the experience especially of one taking it up the ass/arse for failing a task.
Haze Him

I bought the trial membership, not because I am a cheapskate, but because I was wary of the site from the start. It looked pretty limited as to the amount of the content, but it was right up my alley as far as tastes are concerned. I also felt cheated about the fact that it only showed a small portion of the videos to trial members.

I wrote them a pretty scathing email, complained bitterly, and told them off. To my surprise, they emailed me back within 48 hours, refunded my $4.95 and gave me a 5 day full membership to try the site. I thought that all of that was pretty decent (I did threaten in the email to report them to the BBB).

Long story short, I tried the site with the full membership and it was shit. The clips take FOREVER to load, the quality is crap and there is not a lot of content. I would never waste my money on it again.

I guess once you belone to Broke Straight Boys, nothing else compares!
Basically what you see on rockettube is what you get with the trial membership. Save your money it is crap.
The whole concept is good but the rest of it is crap.
Unglory Hole is Another Ripoff

I wanted to warn you guys about another ripoff site called ungloryhole.com. Broke Straight Boys and BCB both advertise on it. I don't fault them for advertising in as many places as possible. But UGH is just that. Ugh...

The concept of the site is kind of like that old Brandon something site where guys are tricked into thinking that a beautiful chick on the other side of the glory hole is going to give them an amazing blowjob. Of course the girl changes places with a guy and the gay guy gives the clueless hot straightie the blowjob of his life.

The site is a ripoff. Especially if you take the trial membership. First off the trial membership is for only 2 days. That's your first clue that something is wrong. So I spent the $4.95 for the 2 day trial membership. On the registration they show you a pre-checked box saying that you will also join one of their other sites for the trial membership. That one will automatically renew at $30 a month unless you uncheck the box. They don't let you choose a password to UGH . They assign you 2 passwords of about 11 consonants that spell no word.

Then once I get in I'm not really in. Before you finish the first login sequence you are taken to a page with ads for other sites. That's another clue that something's wrong. I find out that it's the same as Hazehim. You get no access to any of the full length videos. The home page itself is full of ads for other sites. For each video you are only allowed to only see 3 separate clips of about 2 minutes each before any of the real action starts.

You quickly find out that they only have 11 videos on the whole site. (With one update weekly) So with the $5 trial if you decide that maybe you will get the one month membership to see the videos, they are ready for you. Just click this box and your credit card will automatically be billed $39.95 for a one month renewing membership. That's right. $45 for a one month membership if you upgrade from the trial one to the monthly one. For a site that has 11 videos!

And if you had chosen the one month renewing membership from the beginning they would "only" have charged you $29.95. But once they have you suckered into the trial membership they will generously charge you $40 for a month. A full $10 more. On top of the $5 you've already put out.

Another thing is that even if you buy the monthly membership you cannot download any of the videos. Streaming only.

Of course I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. So within about 20 minutes I counted my $5 loss and canceled the membership so it wouldn't renew. Be careful of what's out there and read the fine print. It's a jungle out there.
Another site to watch is "twink access". They advertise a trial membership for 3 days for $1 and it gets you access to (I think) twelve sites. You have only teaser clips at your access, but it lists all clips. Like an idiot, I clicked on one of the full access clips just to see if it would take me to the joining site and give me pricing. Wrong!! It "automatically" upgraded my membership and zapped my credit card for $39.91. A call to the site company yielded nothing except them pretty much telling me how stupid I am for clicking on that full access clip. I have cancelled my membership, of course, but will never see my $40.00 again. I am much wiser now.