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Oct 24, 2008
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Brooklyn New York
I saw the reviews for a new film opening today about two middle aged women who are best friends, and see their two twenty something year old sons frolicking in their swim suits on the Australian beach and two women wind up having sexual affairs with each other's son. The film got terrible reviews but the young men are very hot, and there is something disturbingly erotic about these beautiful guys having taboo sex with each other's mother. Here is the trailer.

[h=2]11 New LGBT Movies You Can Stream Right Now on Netflix[/h] [h=3]A monthly roundup of new gay flicks to watch on Netflix streaming.
check out: http://blogs.phillymag.com/gphilly/2013/08/01/11-lgbt-movies-stream-netflix/


I am looking into joining a video service. In your opinions, is Netflix or Fandor better? I am really looking for the movie "I Want Your Love," but Amazon is sold out and it is on backorder. I did find it on Naked Sword but I 'd rather join one or both Netflix/Fandaor.