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Jun 13, 2011
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the beauty of the threads is that they are within a democratic forum and so when one does not find the precision one seeks in a posted thread one can create another that fits one's idiosyncracies better...in fascism one is directed to fit or get sent to the pink triangle sandbox filled with asbestos and in democracy especially one that has so many gay advocates - and a walk down the Castro or a look at Torch Song Trilogy will attest to the rich varieties of opinion available...Broke Straight Boys seems to be more of e pluribus unum - out of the many one- and hopefully by a daisychain with Colin and Tyler and Anthony and Mick inserting...
I think it means if you don't agree with what someone is saying you can create your own post.
Wow I guess I will need to go back to school to understand what you are saying here lol. Can you maybe tone it down a bit because most of us won't understand this.

Whew! Thanks Mark, I thought I was the only one having trouble deciphering the writings of Sinjin. None of his posts so far have made much sense to me.
Sometimes, what sounds pretty good in your head, may not translate the same on paper. Perhaps Sinjin may wish to consider reading his posts a few times before he hits the submit button. Just saying.