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A nice little surprise


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Mar 24, 2010
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Prince George, B.C., Canada
:thumbup: I don't know but if you usually don't go wandering around this site very often check out this. In the Behind the Scenes there are a bunch of pictures of the San Diego Pride 2010. Diesal and Austin and Aiden are frolicking about in the hotel room. No video but lots of pictures like the ones below. :001_tt1:

first of all, AWESOME FIND!!!! And if you look at pic 134, I think, there is a video camera. So there is video of that scene somewhere!!! Maybe we'll get to see it too!!!!
thanks for the heads up. this was a great find and i thank you for sharing it. i also noticed that aiden was part of the event and in all of the pics with diesal and austin. i sure hope this means he will be coming back to the futon. the aiden and jamie scene was so fucking hot and was one of the reasons i joined this site. he is a very sexy guy and hope with all my heart he makes it back to the line up on Broke Straight Boys