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zane and who?


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Nov 14, 2008
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so cal
anybody recognize who is with Zane Tate in the may 19th update?
i will miss this scene because i will be in long beach.
this scene will have to wait until next monday for me to watch.
just another one of those mysteries of the porn business.
I'm just throwing that out there. But whoever that is it looks a lot like Seth that I loved so much. I hope Broke Straight Boys let's us know soon who it is and maybe it is Seth. I have my fingers crossed

Going by the hairline, it does look like Seth. And I'm with you about Seth. Love his shyness and his "deer caught in the headlight" eyes. He really seems straight to me with a "I can't believe I'm doing this" attitude. Got my fingers crossed too.
I agree that Seth is the most likely one based on the hairline. On the off chance that it's not him, it could be Scott #4. The model definitely has the hairstyle of Seth. Yet the tall and lanky seeming torso and the chin also reminds me of Scott.


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just 96 hours to go before the scene with Zane Tate and afg. the upcoming thumbnail note says 96 hours to spencer. it's only 51 hours.

planet of the apes is one of my favorite movie series.
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It's interesting that it's Seth. He hasn't been here since last Nov. Inquiring minds want to know where he's been. I like Seth and he's a great bottom; but why after all that time? Too many regulars out at Broke Straight Boys events?