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Zack and Mike


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Oct 28, 2008
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Straight Boys Jerk Off This was an awesome shoot. Although they had it mislabeled as Tyler and Maverick. LOL Wow, I think this was Zack's first time. Great 69 action, very loving fuck scene, and great orgasm.:thumbup:
wow! this was a hot shoot!!! great interaction,awesome rim jobs by both! and the cum shots were incredible! one of the best shoots on this site, ever.
texyboi, it's dated 2/5/10. It's the latest update. It is titled wrong.

Thanks, Jayman! Very very nice vid! Great cum shots from both guys!
I can't recall seeing anything hotter in a long time! I'm also pretty sure at least the second guy doing the fucking wasn't wearing a condom.
I can't find it either. I can't find anything dated 2/5/10. Have they corrected the labeling?
Rickster, go to the Bonus Site Straight Boys Jerk Off After you log in there, it is the first vid you will see, and it's dated 2/5/10. It is titled Tyler and Maverick, but that is incorrect. The guys are Mike and Zack.
will Kyler Be coming on again? I REALLY liked watching him being fucked? If SO, maybe in a 3some, w/ anal?