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You Tell the Story

Ms. Kianna

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Apr 17, 2010
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I have noticed that we have a lot of really great writers in this forum, so I was trying to come up with a way to use all that talent. With a background in creative writing, I remembered a game we used to play.

One person started a story. They passed it on to another person, and so on. Each person adds a new paragraph to continue the story. You have no idea where it will go, or how it will end. That is half the fun. The other half is seeing your creative sides let loose.

Since it was my idea, I will start the first story. Meet my conflicted new Broke Straight Boys model.

New Guy: His name is Vinny and he's on his way to Broke Straight Boys He's not very happy about it, because his wife signed him up, so he could make the money to take her on her dream vacation.


"What the fuck am I doing in...in Florida! for fuck's sake?" and I punch the dashboard of my useless fucking Prius in frustration. Very unlike me. I take a quick look in the rearview to make sure I'm as pissed off as I sound and notice I have a really lame half smile, so maybe it's half drama.

I'm stopped here, motor running, in front of something called D&E Productions, in this balmy palmy mall, smile fading and anger once again bubbling over. Of all the crazy things that have happened in my almost endless 23 years of life, this has got to be the most fucked upped. Last Monday my own wife signed me up to get paid to have sex with other guys. On film. Jesus. Does this mean she's testing my preferences, or does she just care more about vacation money than her marriage? OK, I'll go in there and suck and fuck my way to a package tour of Italy, France, Spain and Ireland (yes, Ireland). And I'll send her all by herself, on a one way ticket.

Oh crap. Here comes that guy from the website. Too late to keep driving? My foot's flirting with the gas pedal as he opens my door and sticks his hand out to me. "Hi, I'm David. Welcome to D&E."

"Hi, I'm Vinnie, and I'm pretty sure I won't like it here."
"Well, Vinnie, you've made it farther than some, so why don't we go inside where it 's cooler and take a look around. We're not going to make you do anything you don't want to do. As our motto says, every straight guy has his price. Let's just see what you will do and for how much."

Hard to argue with that kind of a logic, so I went in. David introduced me to some of the guys that work there. I met Tyler and he tried to reassure me that it would work out OK. He said that he had been in my position once. Made me wonder how many positions he had been in since then.

David outlined the things that would be proposed to me, and gave me some idea how much I could expect to make if I "cooperated." He told me that today would just be a jack off scene by myself. Hell, I've been doing that since I was 12, but, wait, not in front of another guy!
I was so nervous and pissed off I thought I would shit my pants but considering I needed at least the 200 for gas to get back home, I figured what could it hurt. I hesitantly agreed and followed this David guy into his studio. I was a little spooked when Tyler tagged along carrying a still camera but I figured I would go with the flow as long as they didn't try to touch me.

The studio was sort of a long narrow room with a couch at one end and some ugly looking plant things. The other end of the room looked like a doctors office with an exam table and stuff. I could only imagine the crazy shit that goes on with that. There was a camera on a tripod and lights all over the place. David told me to have a seat so I flopped my ass on the couch and braced myself for the worst.
David turned the camera on me. He said "Hi, welcome to Broke Straight Boys" "How is it goin'?" "You know we are a gay operated and owned studio?" I nodded my head. David told me he'd pay me $200 to jack off. "You've jacked off before, haven't you?" I thought "DUH", but I simply nodded. He asked me about my sexual experiences. I fibbed a bit, but was honest when I told him I first jacked off when I was 12. Then he told me to stand up and take off my clothes.

When I was nude, he asked me to bend over. (WTF?) He told me I really was straight. Duh! What am I doing here?...........
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I seriously thought about leaving at this point but without that cash I was stuck in South Florida. I've never even looked at my own ass like this before let alone show it off to another guy. As disgusting at that felt it didn't last long and I again found myself sitting back on the couch feeling incredibly naked with my dick in my hand. David asked me what type of porn I wanted to watch and I said STRAIGHT wondering if he thought I was gay. He put on a DVD and I must admit it was sort of hot. It was two girls getting fucked by a guy, David said it was from his other site called Broke Straight Girls. He said if I worked out ok he would put me with some of the girls. That must have been what I needed to hear as I could feel my dick getting hard and starting to throb.
OK, I have to confess. I'm hot. Very unexpected people stop for a second on the street and their mouths drop an eighth of an inch when I amble by. Stuff you just get used to, you know? So anyway, we went to the website back home after Adele got this idiotic idea of visiting the Irish village where her ancestors came from, and did the tour of Broke Straight Boys to see where the cash for the trip was coming from. Like I say, we could see I'm hotter bodywise than anybody on that site except maybe this one who calls himself Diesal (Diesal for fuck's sake) who's about my style, so I told her that if she'd stop being so stingy dosing out blow jobs, I'd do it. So now guess what. I'm jacking my humongous uncut dick and watching the dumb DVD and suddenly notice, holy fuck, that this chilled Tyler guy who was really helpful at the front door, has moved in, clicking his shutter, and is doing his best to hide the fact that he's sprung a big boner running halfway down his fucking leg. Jesus. I keep jacking and hoping that the stiffy in his pants isn't gonna make the one in my fist go limp. I need the bucks to make it back to Virginia Beach. But yeah, thank fuck, it looks like I'm gonna be ok. In fact,
In fact, HOLY SHIT! It's actually seems to be having the opposite effect. What the hell are these people doing to me? Did I drink anything since I've been here? I don't get turned on by men. But for some God Damned reason my dick is more interested in this guys boner than the cheesy porn they turned on.
I keep pumping my fist up and down my cock, and thinking about what kind of things this scrawny, pale, but very hot, young guy did when he was in my same exact position. I shouldn't be starring, but for some reason I just can't peel my eyes away from this guy's bulging crotch as the tip of my dick gets a dribble of precum oozing from it. I glance back over at the laptop, playing the straight porn and try to get into it, like i am supposed to, but hear a shutter sound to my left, and remember the hot shutter bug still fluttering around the room, admiring my body, and my hot straight dick that's getting closer and closer to shooting all over the place.
I'm doing it for the money. Let's make the most out of it. It's not bad and no one can get pragnant so Ill do anything. David what is he most paying acts I need to do?
Maybe I can do a few episodes or even get my own series on my own website.
Yeah, very likely. I can also be Barack's VP for 2012. What the fuck am I thinking of, a career in porn? I need to finish this and get some fresh air. Even Tyler's fucking pheromones are getting to me. This dude smells like a person smells, but it's so... interesting. He's bending over me to keep from tenting, poor fucker, and I can smell sex behind the mix of deodorant, shower gel and clean hair...

David just finished a sentence I didn't hear, "...and stuff like that."

And Tyler in response has put the camera down and is....
t a k i n g
o f f
h i s
c l o t h e s ! ! !

Hold on Hold on.
Hold On. This is not ok.

My ass is off the couch and I'm scoping these dudes for a clue. Tyler's saying to chill, that this is the way to make some real dollars. The cam is rolling. My eyes are rolling around in their sockets, like a stallion being led from a burning barn. I can smell Tyler's body and it's driving me, uh, like, crazy. He's naked on the couch beside me stiff as a board and reaching for my...
cock, and then there is a knock at the door. David yells "Get the fuck out! We're shooting in here!" A dude shouts back, "It's me. Logan." David gets a funny look on his face and says "Loogan.. Come on in!"

This tall great looking dude comes in and says "I've got JIMMY with me." JIMMY is a smaller dude with a great big cocky grin on his face.

The testosterone is thick in the air, and Tyler gets even harder, if that is possible.

Wait just a fucking minute! I'm here to do a solo! This place is getting way too crowded and I'm freaking out!

I find myself getting pulled to my feet and the Futon is opened into a bed.....
What the hell? I wasn't thrilled with this whole idea in the first place, but now my solo is getting high-jacked. I stumble against the wall with my wilting dick in hand, ready to curse this whole place. This is like I imagine a guys dorm would be. These guys are yucking it up with Tyler, like he's not standing there NAKED with a boner pointing right at them. This place is fucking crazy. Maybe I don't need the extra blow jobs.

I'm thinking I'll put my fucking clothes back on and get out of this damn frat party, when Logan picks up my pants and hands them to me. He smiles and says, "You might as well get comfortable, this could take awhile." As I turn around to see what the fucking hold up is now, my jaw drops and I forget I'm holding my dick, and just stare.

This Jimmie guy has his tongue down Tyler's throat and his fucking hand is stroking Tyler's dick right back to the throbbing, seeping boner he was getting before. And holy shit, if Tyler hasn't cupped the bulge in Jimmie's pants and started rubbing and squeezing. Damn, if I can get my fucking pants on without falling on my ass, I'm outta here.
Tyler looked at me and smirked, knowing exactly what I was thinking. He said, "Dude, it's just sex. You take a shower and it's all gone. Just relax, let us show you how to have a good time, and remember the Benjamins."

With that, he grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Now, my wife and other women had stroked my cock plenty of times since I lost it when I was 14. But, for some reason, as much as I was fighting it, another dude stroking it was fucking awesome. Maybe because he knew what he was doing. When my wife strokes it, she is so rough, like she doesn't really want to, but this guy knew a thing or two about dicks.

One look in Tyler's face and he recognized when I let down my guard. He took my wrist and put my hand over his cock. I couldn't believe it. It was like it was someone else's hand, not mine, because it closed around his dick and pulled the skin up towards the head. What the fuck? Did my mind just say "This is awesome?" Or did I say it out loud. I must have said it out loud because I heard Jimmie and Logan grunt at the same time. But, then, when I looked over, I just about fainted. Two guys can do a 69? How the fuck does that work?

I guess I'm about to find out.
As I stand there with my hand on Tyler's dick, I realize that not am I only harder than I have ever been, and I am stroking Tyler like I stroke my own, but that this Jimmie guy has swallowed Logan's cock to the root. And he's working it like he's trying to suck Logan's spine through the tip of his dick. And all I can think is that I want some of that. I want Jimmie's mouth on me, now....
As a regular Broke Straight Boys forumite I have to say this episode is disappointing. Tyler yawning his head off & being indifferent to the new boy. The banter between David & Tyler is so annoying – who is this episode about anyway? Then there is the inconsiderate knock at the studio door by Logan while shooting is in progress. Is he colour-blind or can’t he distinguish a red light from a green one?
When are the models going to learn to take their caps & socks off. And what is it about the crap of having to have a hardon before they take their underwear off.
This clap trap that David keeps going on about Vinny being straight, the only thing straight about this boy is his hair.
Now what can I say about .... what is his name .... that’s right Jimmy ....


The episode, when screened on the site, got the highest score since voting was initiated. And this, despite the usual quibbles from the usual suspects that the whole thing had been carefully scripted and rehearsed before the camera was turned on. Those in the room were witnesses to Vinnie's singing, exquisitely, every note on the Kinsey Scale in the course of a shoot that lasted an hour and 27 minutes, but which was cut down in Colorado to 19. Vinnie called Adele and told her he'd done one shoot and made big bucks and was staying there for as long as they'd have him. She was fine with that since she was doing afternoon classes in Gaelic anyway. Vinnie, after the first two nights in the Straightie dorm at D and E's place, took his rucksack to Tyler's place nearby. He had had an allergy to cat hair all his life, but is doing fine on antihistamine.

But no one's told the story yet of Vinnie's 48 hours at David's and Eddie's. That was awesome...
Where was the kissing? That was the biggest disappointment of all.

You need glasses raysvqxyzabc69181 this episode had everything including Tyler kissing all the other boys & for a Part 1 it is absolutely the hottest of all the Broke Straight Boys episodes. I certainly gave it a 5.
Well done David, Vinny & all the boys :thumbup:

And now, back to Vinnie!

"Afterward it was kind of a blur. The guys were what you call supportive haha. We had hotdogs with everything at the baseball themed fast foodery right there in the mall, lots of weenies on our plates and crossed bats around the walls giving me Freudian memories of what just fucking went down in front of the camera. I was kind of stoned on the experience. They tried to talk to me but I wasn't listening. So they took me back to Dave's and put me to bed..."

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Next Morning.......

I've woken up with hangovers, and I've woken up not knowing the name of the girl in my bed, but I have to say I've never woken up with this big of an OH SHIT, WHAT HAVE I DONE feeling before, EVER! At least I'm in a bedroom by myself. But, I am going to have to leave it eventually, and what the fuck am I going to do then?

Wow, what a night! Who the hell am I? I was just supposed to do a solo. Do they always plow through all three fucking scenes at once? Why in the hell am I still here? Oh yeah, I was in too much shock to think, and kind of sore. But why is it the clearer my damn head gets the more I remember some of it being great?