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Xtube Site

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Feb 2, 2009
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Just a quick question about Xtube.
Does anybody have problems accessing Xtube?
I believe if you use it a few times it then rejects you... not sure ..

I find the same thing. X-tube wants you to register and then give them money in order to stop making your life hell when you try to access the vids. It's not as "free" a site as they lead you to believe. They want your money.

I will say though that if you can tolerate the multiple roadblocks they put in your way, that the content can be pretty good.
Thanks guys for your responses.
For some reason I can't get the site to load & I am trying to work out why.
Seeing as my question has been answered there is no point in keeping this thread open so I shall close it
Again thanks guys for your responses :thumbup:
Not open for further replies.