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why was my post moved


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Nov 14, 2008
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so cal
i don't understand. i started a topic and it was moved into a topic that has little in common with it.
guess making a point in the forum is subject to more controls than i thought.
i will just send my comments to mark, that way i will know the person with the most control over the solution to my issues sees them. put them here was my attempt to share my thoughts with those in the forum who wished to read them.
who are you? you who move my comments.

There are two categories: general stuff and stuff specific to membership issues or material only members have access to. I think Miss D is one of the people who keeps the forums tidy. Why don't you PM her? She's very patient and will give you a thoughtful answer to your particular queries.

I answered another of your posts, about chronology. Keep in mind that the forum goes through doldrums sometimes and the lack of response to your issues may be more that posting forumites are busy in the real world than that you're being ignored on purpose.
Please see my comment on the Shane and Braden thread.
My apologies. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers, but I have been trying to make an effort on merging threads with the same subject matter at the request and urging of many of the forum readers. It is kind of trial and error, and a learning experience. I can tell you that I have been doing this for quite a few years and a majority of the time it is helpful. With that being said I see another 3 threads have popped up now on the subject so it seems to have worked itself out. :)

it seems to me that if the first thread had been left alone, i would have seen mark's reply to my first thread and it would have been over.

the so what attitude displayed gaves me hope that my comments were buried not for a bad reason, but rather moved because the same title must be the same subject.

of course, my solution is to avoid starting threads.
I think your solution is to just calm down about it all. There is no conspiracy against you. Maybe a little more thought and patience would be of benefit to you?