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Who would you pair up in this OG BSB lineup

Thanks! I plan to contribute regularly when I can, and I hope others enjoy it as well.
Please do Mike. I always enjoy reading what other folks think. I’ve enjoyed reading all your postings so far, and look forward to learning more about you, your likes and dislikes as time goes by. Great to have you here.
I've thought a lot over the years who some of the BSB1 stars would look good in a scene with the models that followed them.
I may not be doing this exercise correctly but who cares!! Here is my list from the pics who I'd pair them up with.
CJ & Ben Dover ~ Well CJ would obviously be bottoming and I'd like to see Ben rim the fuck out of him!!!
Tyler Evans & Ronan Kennedy ~ Tyler will start off like he doesn't want to bottom, but will eventually breakdown and takes a pounding from Ronan Kennedy
Logan & Zander Floyd ~ This is a softer scene with deep passionate kisses and love making in the shower with Zander Floyd being the bottom
Diesal & Ryan Fields ~ Buddies hanging out after the bars closed and one thing leads to another and Ryan spreads them for Diesal
Cousin Mikey & Darron Bluu ~ Our first flip-flop scene and they just ravage each other in many positions
Mike Robbins & Jason Sterling ~ Something like Mike comes over to hook-up with a girl but she's not there. Her brother Jason is though and he takes care of Mike's needs!!
Danny & Mick Torrance ~ Jock boy is taking a piss at the bar urinal and the local trouble maker Mick comes in. Danny takes a peek at Mick's dick and Mick catches him then forces him
to suck him hard then nails him in the stall.
Austin Grant & Max Flint ~ They're both studying in the library and start checking each other out. They meet in one of the aisles grabbing for the same book then start kissing. This is also
another flip-flop scene where both boys nut in each other
I want to add a few more scenes with models from yesteryear that I think they would look good with
Tank Shane & Damien Kyle ~ Damien Kyle being one of the best bottoms ever on Broke Straight Boys and stoney Shane with that big dick well it's a match made in porn heaven!!
Jordan & Kodi ~ This scene is strictly Kodi riding Jordan until he busts one deep in him!
Cousin Anthony & Rocco ~ One is getting married and the other is the best man. Groom gets nervous and best man tries to call him down. They have a few drinks and then start realizing
that they're attracted to each other. All clothes are off as they start 69ing and Rocco ends up on top of Anthony giving it to him good.

I think I watch way to much porn ;) :pornshoot: