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Who is your favorite BSB model?

The Scene with Eric and Ross with them taking turns with Eric's belt on each other. That was amazingly hot.
Erik and Ross

I get off on Erik and Ross kissing. One hot show. I am looking forward to Derek getting a mouth full of tongue in his next show. Maybe with a new hot guy like Danny? We can see Derek's next show coming with some hot guy up his ass. Just not with a gay guy, please!
My all time favorite model is Ryan. :001_wub:

I think I saw a really hotttt photo of him in Fratmen Magazine advertising the Broke Straight Boys site. Does anyone have any idea where I can find that pic again? :001_tt2:

Of course, I may be bias but he's the one for me :001_cool:
OMG! Look what I found!!!!!



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Wow I love this site.

Thanks for creating a board for everyone to post. I will find some hot boys and post them.
Tyler!! He looks like an old straight friend of mine, so seeing him get progressively and progressively more "into" doing same-sex activities makes the fantasy I used to have about getting with the friend who looked just like him even hotter! :biggrin:
I wish Taz would come back too. He had a girlfriend the entire time he shot with us. When we wanted him to come back he said he wasn't doing anymore porn because of his girlfriend. :(


Really? Wow. I would think most girls would find something like that to be "hot." Then again, Taz is always a possibility to keep in mind if you ever decide in the future to do that bisexual scene that was suggested. Tyler, Taz, and a hot girl? BOING! :biggrin:
may fav. epi. is 5th May 07 with Tommy and Jake. I couldnt even last the entire epi. >.> bah, I seen on another site that Tommy bottomed (only saw a clip). You guys should see if he will bottom for Broke Straight Boys that would be NNNNice.

I think Mike (the guy whose wife isnt giving him any play time) is pretty sexy too!!
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CJ is my favorite model. He is really opening up, I mean, he didn't seem to mind JC cumming on his hand in that last episode with him. I also like Diesal. JC, though new is attractive as well. Eric and Ross crack me up to watch, because no matter how much you surprise them, they end up seemingly being natural at whatever they do.
Hottest Smile on BSBs

My new Favorite. Please put Derek with someone less gay looking. Derek is so hot. Derek’s smile is just so damn great. When he smiles I am hard. He needs someone to play with his ass until he begs to be fucked. Tyler or Alden can do the job. I hope that Derek and Alden could fall in lust for a few minutes. One viewer said all straight guys like to get fucked. We know Derek does he just has to get used to a guy doing it. Keep the camera on Derek’s face as he is getting fucked. His face is so expressive. :blushing: