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Where is Jamie?


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Jun 11, 2009
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The first Broke Straight Boys shoot I watched was with Jamie and Aiden. That was all it took.Now I,m hooked.
It didn't take more than a minute for Jamie to have me totally captivated!
I hav'nt seen him since his shoot with Phoenix.
So,what's up with him?
Maybe Phoenix/Sebastian/Whatever was keeping his ass too busy at home...
Phoenix may already be back in the Big House. Hopefully not though...

If so, then Scorpio is probably trying to bake him a cake with a file in it. LOL Either that or Scorpio is the first ex-pat Frenchman in history plotting a daring plan to break INTO a prison. LOL :w00t: :drool: :sexinbed:

Jamie goes back a ways. Chances are that we won't ever know unless David has some inside info that he cares to share with us. But he may have no idea what Jamie's up to either.
I thought Jamie was good on camera for non-sexual reasons as well the obvious 'taking a whopper' one and wish him the best...
Yeah. Jamie was good guy. And very cute. Also one of the few guys who could look cuter with glasses than without.