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Where are Vinny and Mateaus


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Sep 1, 2009
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That session with the buddies vinny and mateaus was hot. How come they were never on again!! I wonder what they are up to now. Also...where is Taz now :)
Hey there Peachboy, welcome to the forum

I totally agree with you those boys were very hot. Also for their first shoot they went to town with the kissing which so few do....I thought if they came back they would be awesome....and very open to experiment but alas they never came back.
would love to know what happened to them:w00t:
vinny and mauricio are very passionate lovers who have allow the viewers in their on going relationship. they broke up for a while, but are back together.
This is a very interesting story with lots of twist and turns. Here is a little of what I have been able to put together on these two hotties.

When they filmed their one and only episode for Broke Straight Boys it would appear it was their first time doing something together. This video is a rare one, as David did NOT film it.

Some time later Mateaus came back and film a solo and duo (with Angel) where he a) changed his name, b) changed his look (hair) and c) emphasis's his straightness and not wanting to do gay stuff.

Now going into one of the bonus sites, Boys 1st Time, go to #22. The bottom row 2nd from the left in the bright yellow shirt is Vinny (but going by the name Arturo). And guess who he is with? You're right.

Then go to # 19 middle row first on right. And there are our boys. Now for those of you with time if you date back from the current episode of Boys 1st time you can get an approximate date these were filmed. If you go back to the ages and date of the Broke Straight Boys episode, they would be underage for Boys 1st time. Interesting. And they do look younger in these episodes.

Now the story continues. They became a major story with another site and between them did over 6 episodes, aka filming a love story (some with other favorites from Broke Straight Boys). Perhaps this is why they never came back to Broke Straight Boys The story I've seen is they were, then were not, then were an item, but I can't confirm.

Maybe the Dark Lord (aka David) can fill us in on what he may know about them.

In the meantime, I just happen to find this interview with them on youtube.


So, my dear friends, we have a mystery here. If someone else has more info, this is the time and place to share.

Live Long and Prosper,

Haha I always fast forward to the oral on this vid, so seeing them talk so much is like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs!
In the meantime, I just happen to find this interview with them on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-R8Y4Zoy4oVicekid
Thank you vicekid. I really enjoyed watching that video, and while the two guys remained fully dressed, and the only contact was a quick peck on the lips, I found it highly erotic watching these two formerly straight guys, talking abut their relationship and sex life togther.
Vinny and Mateus aka Mauricio. These two are both very hot guys. Vinny and Mateus are local models that live here in South Florida. They first met and filmed for another local studio and did there very first scene on www.cirlcejerkboys.com for pridestudios, which is located here in South Florida (I don't mind giving out this website because the owner of this site are very good friends with us) As with all models, Vinny and Mauricio film for D&E/BluMedia Studios as well. At the time, I didn't know they were filming for PrideStudios so I also filmed a few scene with these two guys. However, out of respect for the other studio, both D&E & Pridestudios (circlejerkboys) did not want to compete with the same models on both of our sites so I told the owner of Pridestudio to go ahead and film them and build up there true life story since he already filmed a lot of footage of these two boys.

Vinny and Mauricio were straight/curious guys that first filmed with circlejerkboys, they did a few scenes together and they both fell in love with each other and then told there girlfriends that they are going to be "lovers" and made the switch to live a gay lifestyle. Both boys were seen all over Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and the newest hottest gay couple and since pridestudios film the hell out of them, they both became very popular. Although both Vinny and Mauricio kept in touch with me and wanted to film with our studio and appear more on Broke Straight Boys site, I decided that its not worth and out of respect for the other studio, not to film them anymore. What you see is what we have. However, as months go by...they broke up and Vinny went his separate way and decided he no longer wants to be gay and live that lifestyle...so he went back dating girls. I get a phone call from Mauricio/Mateas and he confirm and told me the same story and he too is not interested in doing gay stuff and he went back to his girlfriend. Since PrideStudios was no longer filming the two boys, I decided to film Mauricio/Mateas in his last scene with his new looks doing a scene with another model.

Vinny and Mauricio are no longer filming or in the biz and we haven't seen them again, even in local gay bars and such. As for Taz, he's in jail.

I hope that explained and gave you guys some insight of these models.
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David, I always love it when you give us inside information on the models. As I look at this site as a "reality porn site", getting background information on the models enhances an all ready very enjoyable experience here. Thanks.
David, I always love it when you give us inside information on the models. As I look at this site as a "reality porn site", getting background information on the models enhances an all ready very enjoyable experience here. Thanks.

Now come on - which other site would give us such info, such detail, such explanations of what's been happening. I've said it before - we are spoilt. Thank you for spoilng us