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When do we get the October update preview


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Jan 10, 2009
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New Zealand
Haha ok so I am a little impatient, but when will we get a sneaky peak about what we have to look forward to in October....:blush:
October boys

A preview of cumming attractions would be great! Mark has given us previews in the past wonder why not an October one?
I know....I know...I am impatient.....

We have been given a little sneaky peak so I can be satisfied with that and I can wait for the rest of the month as it comes.

You are very strong minded angel to be able to wait unti christmas day to open your presents...I cannot help but shake them and poke them and fiddle around.:w00t:
Well, there's activities that I'm absolutely impatient in doing like stripping and doing it. Nevermind the foreplay, just get down and dirty. Why poke and finger packages when poking and fingering your mate is funner.