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whats up from BSB Denver

hiya Denver,

I have to say that I'm really enjoying your videos so far and quite frankly, you have the potential for many more great scenes! I'm looking forward to seeing you again quite soon :)

thanks for joining Broke Straight Boys!
Hey Denver You are great! Very hot body and you're a great looking guy. Can't wait to see you again. The kissing with Darren was amazing! Thanks for giving me a good show. Keep up the good work! fwcoach
Yay! Denver's Here :)

Hey Denver!

Welcome to Broke Straight Boys and the forum.

:welcome: :waw: :welcome9:

You have already made a splash in here with just a couple of scenes. I enjoyed the kissing in your last scene also. You're a handsome guy with a nice body. It's not often that we are privileged enough to be able to communicate with a model so soon after he comes on board. From all appearances they seem to have big plans for you. I look forward to hearing more from you in the forum and seeing more of your work onscreen. :thumbup1:
Whaddup Denver?

Hey there! Welcome to the site. As you already know, you are ONE lucky guy to be working with such awesome people at Broke Straight Boys Hope that we see more of you, maybe even a 'behind the scenes' interview with you and Sha? (just an idea!)
Great to hear from u Denver. As they said u have a pretty big fanbase already after two scenes. U are one of my favorite models to come on Broke Straight Boys in a while. I love your personality and body and your smile. Keep up the great work.
Welcome Denver!
I love it when models come on and talk with their "groupies"...I think you've already had a hand in more than a few hand jobs! Me, being a girl, the Jimmy/Jane vibrator is always on "charge" mode...thanks! I hope you enjoy yourself and have fun...trust me, money always seems to run out too fast. But if you focus on the people you work with and the fun you can have, then I'm sure you will enjoy "unloading at Broke Straight Boys!" Can't wait to see you bottom! I think you would be great with Connor.
Enjoyed you so far and look forward to your future endeavors; thanks for posting.
Denver you are a total hottie. I love your smile, personality and by the way dude you have an awesome ass!!! Hope you come to San Diego Pride this summer so I meet you in person.
Wow Denver!

What a hot stud you are. I so enjoy watching you. I think you haVe the potential to do some amazing shoots here at Broke Straight Boys How great that you joined the forum! You blew me away when you started kissing with Darren. I love to see a straight boy commit himself that way, but I never expect one to. I would kill to see you making that hot a shoot with my boy, Scott! Would love to see you both suck some dick, kiss, and then pound his tight muscled little ass. And talk to him during the sex. It drives us crazy to hear straight boys talking and encouraging each other during sex. Along with the other stuff.
Anyway, glad you are here, and I look forward to making more of your shoots onto my personal favorites! Thanks, and take care. JLipps
Welcome and you have a very nice persoanity and your first two scenes were great ... Look forward to seeing more .... Thanks
Cool! I think he will make a nice addition to the tour. He's made a very positive entrance with the 2 scenes posted so far.