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What Is Your Favorite Model Fantasy and Who Is the Star???


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May 9, 2010
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Slimmie has a point, but…. I think I’m going there anyway.

There have been a few threads lately that follow a similar theme to the one I am proposing here. We’ve had raysvq’s My Type Of Person, carking1’s Favorite Model Contest, Denny Bear’s More Personal Sexy Stories, and even Kianna’s You Tell the Story. However these threads haven’t quite hit on the question that’s been on my mind lately. What Is Your Favorite Model Fantasy and Who Is the Star?

In raysvq’s thread, this quote from slimvintage really hit home. He said, “Not to be pedantic about it, but every time I fantasize about having one of these guys in my life, the sheer gutsy presumption of it strikes me and I stop dreaming. I get hit on by some guys their age, but I’m so very not every Brokie’s cup of tea, that saying I’d like Tyler, or Leon or Logan in my life, or Jay or MikeR… is frustrating self torture.”

I get what he said. Who am I, after all? I’m a middle aged, straight, married mom. On what planet would a twenty-something hottie who has a kinky streak want to hook up with me? But I’m going there anyway. What if all the planets aligned correctly and for some reason one, “the one” said “yes.” You know the one, the one who gets you squirming in your seat, makes you all hot and bothered in a way the others don’t, makes you turn on your computer when you know you have houseguests arriving in 10 minutes but the new update has “him” in it and you have to see it NOW, the one you’ve told your partner about, the one you get a hall pass for, the one that no matter the circumstances, your current partner knows that this once in a lifetime opportunity trumps everything and you are allowed, without consequences, to have your kinky way with this one, once.

This is why I’m pushing this. There was that classic fateful evening, moment really, when I met the boy and gently stuck my nose in his armpit. Oh, at the time, I just politely inhaled, taking in as much as I could, and then stepped back, blushing and embarrassed, and smiled stupidly, then backed away. I made it through the rest of the night without incident, with my dignity pretty much intact, politely said my Thank You’s and expressed my appreciation for the kindness granted me, then skipped away into the night. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. And the next day it all started. It started with a memory of a sniff, and the thought, what if I had taken that sniff that one step further, what if, for some reason that is totally inexplicable in every version of reality that I accept on a daily basis, that sniff lead to something more? What happens in THAT fantasy, and who is the star?
I’ve worked out the details, I think many of you know the who, and will certainly get it when you read, so I’ll leave out his name. Perhaps it will help me preserve the illusion that it’s anonymous, who knows. So welcome to my fantasy…. And when you’re done reading this one, I want to hear yours….
My Fantasy

He is standing there in worn, black leather pants that ride low on his hips, scuffed and broken down biker boots, and her favorite grin, the one that means she’s in for it. He’s leaning against the wall, one arm stretched along the back of the cigarette machine, his feet crossed at the ankle. He’s got a half full glass of something dark and icy in his other hand, and while she stares, he takes a long drink. His tongue slips out and swipes over his bottom lip, catching a drop that’s glistening in the bar lights. Her feet start moving, carrying her across the barroom floor, clickety clack, in her shiny red stilettos. As she takes that last step that brings her to him, she lifts her head up, and up, her eyes landing on his full mouth and the shiny silver ring nestled in the corner of his deep red lip, flicking back and forth. Her eyes keep roaming around his face, back up to his eyes that are watching with a combination of curiosity and something darker. Uncertain, she turns her face downward, her gaze flicking over the smooth planes of his chest, across the light smattering of dark hair, down his abdomen, down to the junction of his powerful thighs, and she inhales sharply. Her eyes, sparkly indigo lined like an old Hollywood movie star, dart back up to his face and there is just a hint of danger his gaze. He slowly lifts his arm, the one holding the drink, and he takes another long pull. He releases a long sigh, and she catches the light scent of whiskey and sweet, and wants to reach up and taste it on his lips. He reaches behind her, his hand landing gently on the back of her head and he pulls. That last step of distance between them slips away and she stumbles against him; her face turned upward, cheeks flushed, milky white breasts pressed up against his abdomen. She looks into his eyes, his face tilted downward, eyes twinkling in the bar lights, and she reaches up, pressing her hands to his chest, sliding them up and around the back of his neck, up into the short, silky strands of hair, and gently pull his face to her own. But he wraps a hank of her short, curly, deep red hair in his large hand and pulls her back. As he holds her there, her eyes lock with his, and she seems to settle. His gaze eases something in her, and she slowly drops her hands to her sides. “There,” he murmurs, and she lets out a long sigh. He releases those springy curls, smoothes the hair back into place and takes a step forward. He takes her by the shoulders and turns her against the wall. He leans forward, one hand resting on her waist, and one resting on the wall above her head. She catches that dark, alluring scent again and looks up into the nest of dark curls under his arm. She tilts her head upward, slowly reaches up and rakes her short, red fingernails through the wiry hair and up toward his elbow. She buries her nose in those fragrant hairs and inhales deeply. He smells of something woodsy, manly. “Put your lips on me,” he whispers and she does. She presses her dark red lips into the hair under his arm, once, twice, and then moves across his chest, pressing kisses to his nipple, to the center of his chest, to his other nipple, leaving a trail of glossy red smudges across his chest. She looks up into his face again and is rewarded with a kiss, to the corner of her mouth, then another on the center of her lips. He keeps his lips pressed there for a second, then he opens his mouth over hers, gently licking at the seam. She opens and tentatively touches her tongue to his. He inhales sharply and pulls her closer, fusing their mouths and bodies together. She pulls back slightly and moves to the side of his mouth and catches that silver ring between her teeth and pulls, firmly. She moves to put her arms around him again and he stops her, grabbing her arms and pulling them behind her back, thrusting those plush breasts into closer contact with his hard chest. He holds her wrists in one of his hands and slides the other down her hip, to the hem of that short, little black dress, up underneath to her bare ass. He squeezes hard, and she flinches and opens her mouth on a moan. He catches the sound in another searing kiss as he continues to squeeze her ass. Abruptly, he jerks away and spins her around to face the wall. He takes her small, delicate hands and presses them to the wall above her head. He slides her hair to the side, places his large hand on her neck, and then slides it down to the small of her back, then to her round hip. He presses his lips to that spot where neck and shoulder meet, and she shivers. He opens his mouth, pressing his teeth into her skin, hard. His hand slides around to the front of her, up between her thighs, he presses and she squirms. She whimpers. He tells her, “Shhhh,” and then steps away. She starts to turn but he puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her, “Stay”. She stands there, still and alone for several moments as he dims the lights and music. There is a shuffling sound, of soft, worn soles on concrete, and then his voice. “Turn around,” and she does. She looks him over, from top to bottom, and notices his pants are unbuttoned, and are straining under the burden of his very large and heavy erection. “Put your hands behind your back and drop to your knees,” he quietly commands, and she does. She looks up into his eyes, and they are dark and demanding. He quirks an eyebrow as if in question, and she nods. He grasps the waistband of his pants and pulls, opening them and lowering them at the same time until his long, thick erection pops out. She leans forward and tentatively tastes the tip with her pink tongue, then presses those puffy lips to the head in a soft kiss. He takes his erection in his hand, puts his other on the back of her head and presses his cock to her mouth and she opens. He keeps pressing until the wiry hairs tickle her nose, then he pulls back. She catches her breath and he pushes forward again. He keeps feeding her his cock, and she gets lost in the rhythm, sucking and licking, deep and slow, shallow and fast, deep and fast. Suddenly, he pulls away. He grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her to her feet, turning and bending her over a table. He arranges her arms behind her back again, pulling her skirt over her hips and the bodice down to bind her arms behind her, carefully tears her panties away, and kicks her legs apart. He roughly spreads her open with his thumbs and plunges his cock deep inside. He sets a brutal, fast pace. He’s big and long and it’s pleasure and pain together and it’s exactly what she needs, what she’s needed for a long time. She’s writhing and moaning and, suddenly, she’s there, screaming and shaking as he pumps one last time and stalls out, shuddering over her and filling her up, his cock throbbing inside her. He leans heavily over, catching himself on his hands, he’s breathing, fast and shallow, his breaths puffing over her flushed skin. He gently presses a kiss to the spot between her shoulder blades and pulls away and she can feel what he’s left behind trickling down her trembling thighs. She hears rustling, wants to turn to speak to him, look at him one last time, but she doesn’t have the strength. He gently pulls her skirt back over her ass, adjusts the straps, swats her playfully on the ass, and walks away. She sighs deeply, completely sated, gathers herself together, stands up and turns toward the door. As she pulls the door open, she can hear the distinctive rumble of the Harley as she pulls her keys from her bag, locks up behind her and starts forward. He turns toward her, winks, holds out her helmet, and she climbs on behind him.
Lady you just made my body temperature go up 5 degrees!!!!! Armpits are delicious!!!!
hahaha I havent read the what you want to do but..... this man must think the women are nutz with armpits... when i asked him if i could take a picture of his he kindly replied yes and asked me if I want to lick it. I blushed and said no. I informed it wasnt my thing but I had friends who would love me to the moon and back if i got a picture of it :) lets just say I got more than one now :)
It's terrific purple prose of the very best sort. I love the surprise ending, where she turns out to be in cahoots with him, and they are just going through a role play scene with each other. You are led to believe all through the story that it's a "some enchanted evening you will meet a stranger...across a crowded room" vignette, but it isn't.

Whose fantasy is next? I'd do one but unfortunately I'm a capricorn.
Mine starts out at a Pride festival, as well. I made it a point to meet the models who were available for this particular event. Well, that isn't true. I heard Tyler was going to be there and I drove over 1.000 miles to attend it. I think I've got it bad for him, don't you?

Anyway, I went and as I was walking up to the booth, my hands were shaking and I was perspiring, and my stomach was in knots as my low self-esteem reminded me for the hundredth time that I was going to be laughed at, rejected and humiliated.

Then, I saw him. I saw those eyes, and that brilliant smile. He walked up to me, TO ME, and stuck out his hand and said, "I'm Tyler, what's your name?"

I told him my name, then told him that my freinds call me carking. He went from a professional to a little kid in a nanosecond. He said, "Holy shit, guys, carking is here!"

WTF? They all acted like I was some kind of celebrity. I got hugs all around and felt like the Cinderella at the ball. And, Prince Charming had not let go of my hand.

Tyler said, "I hope you're going to hang out with me after this is over." Man, I have GOT to get my hearing checked. I thought he said he wanted to hang out with me.

I nodded like an idiot, because I am one. So, I did the Broke Straight Boys thing in a daze, got pics with HIM and all of the other guys, special ones for Gary, and Dave and Craig (who thinks Diesal is a climax on two legs). I spent some time there and tried to excuse myself and walk around, so that they could spend time with other guests. Tyler looked at me like I had two heads (on my shoulders) and said, "Dude, you're not going anywhere. I have waited two years to meet you, and you're not leaving till I leave."

This is either the Twilight Zone or some fucking hidden camera TV show where they are going to come out laughing about what a dumb schmuck I am. My self-esteem kicked my ass hard and I was ready to be razzed big time. But, it didn't happen. They all made me feel like I was Queen for a Day, which I guess I was. They offered me something to drink. They asked for my picture. WTF is that all about? Tyler even had me sign his Broke Straight Boys shirt!

After the event, and the last of the guests were gone, Tyler told me that he had found this really cool Mom and Pop pizza place just down the block from his hotel, and wanted to know if just he and I could go to dinner. Is the fucking Pope a Catholic?

We went. I was on auto-pilot and am sure I sounded like a total tool. But, we laughed, talked about the site, the economy, the oil spill, shit, we talked about everything.

Too soon, we were done eating. I couln't help but think, "This is really romantic. Too bad it's not real. Tomorrow, I go home, he goes home, and he will not remember carking by Tuesday."

We walked. When we got to his hotel, I walked with him up to his room. We stood at the door awkwardly for a minute (which seemed like 2 hours).

He looked at me and said, "Aren't you going to kiss me?"

I fainted.
Oh, carking, I love it! Thank you for sharing a story! It's sweet and romantic. I love the ending, so very carking.... Hope Tyler had some smelling salts handy, he should have known that about you, too!
LL, didn't you read the book? Prince Charming didn't use smelling salts, he used his lips! There just might be a second chapter to this book. The old carking's just getting warmed up.

I just had to pause there, I was getting the vapors.
I'm so happy to hear that! I wanted to ask for a part 2!!! Mmmm. There is hope for smoochkas, after all....
He was holding me up. His head was buried in the crease of my neck. I could feel his breath gently moving the wispy hairs there, and I damn near went down to the floor again with that sensation.

I saw the harsh lights in the hotel hallway, with Tyler's arms around me, and seriously, thought to myself, "So, this is heaven, huh?" I started looking around for my mom, and little Billy Jenkins who got hit by a car when we were nine. I looked down at the top of Tyler's head, warmed by his embrace, and decided, "Damn skippy, this is heaven, and thank you God! I'm sorry about what I said about you in Philosophy 101 back in college. Honestly, I was sucking up to the athiest prof and shining for a grade."

As we stood there in the hallway, locked together by four arms, I felt a shudder run through my body. I chuckled to myself when the thought occurred to me that he had something in his pocket that made it feel like he had a hard on. When he rubbed it against me again, I realized that this man, this perfect man, was harder than a honeymoon cock just being near me. Where are those fucking hidden cameras?

"Can you come in for a little bit?" he said. I mumbled something that I am sure confirmed his suspicion that I was challenged, and he got out his key card for the door. My fucking sense of humor, or else my low self esteem was once again about to cock block me when I thought I should offer to scan my debit card instead of the one he had in his hand.

It also occurred to me that for some mystical reason Tyler likes me, or else he is the nicest guy in the world, putting his revulsion aside to make a fat, bald old man's fantasy come true, even if it was just for a few minutes.

Well, we got through the door, with me being absolutely no help at all. He asked me to have a seat and he said, "Get yourself something to drink, and if you don't mind, I think I will take just a couple of minutes to freshen up. It was hot out there today, and I must smell like a camel." If that's what a camel smells like, then put me down for the one with two humps! I sat there in total disbelief at what was happening when the bathroom door closed and I heard the shower turn on. I wanted to call everyone in my cell phone and tell them where I was, but didn't want to get caught. I wanted to start opening drawers to see if I could find his undies and steal a pair. OK, so I'm a sick fuck, but I didn't do it. I would have to have him sign them for anyone to believe me, then I would be caught out, wouldn't I?

I sat frozen. I could not move, could not breathe. My heart was pounding in my ears so loud I didn't notice the shower turn off. Then, the bathroom door opened and the most beautiful man in the world stepped out, wearing nothing but a pair of Hanes tighty-whities.

He said, "This is what you like, isn't it?" Fuckin A!! I thought it, at least I hope that wasn't my out-loud voice. "I have seen your posts on the forum about my undies, and wanted you to be happy. If you want, you can have them when we're done."

WHEN WE'RE DONE??????? WHEN WE'RE DONE!!!!!!! Dudes, this is some seriously fucked up dream. When I wake up, I am going to be so depressed, my semi-professional friendly neighborhood pharmacist isn't going to be able to save me. I can see electro-shock therapy in my future, and it isn't pretty. I don't have health insurance, so they use jumper cables and the battery out of a '99 Subaru.

He laid down on the king size bed. He grinned that Tyler grin, you know the one, and patted the bed beside him. He said, "Wanna cuddle?" What a stupid question!

Ever seen a fat man fly? When I landed on the bed, I caught his skinny little ass on the first bounce, and I'm not even athletic.

It was a reprise of dinner. We talked. We laughed. We reminisced about some of the shit that has been going on in the forum, talked about the people I had made friends with and the ones I had pissed off. He told me who he liked on the forum, and who gave him a rash. He asked who my friends on the forum are, and I glowed when I told him about lovelumps and Ms. Kianna, and talked about some of the new friends I am just getting to know, like Troika and zyl84.

As we were lying there, he was constantly caressing me, stroking my arm, gently laying his hand against my cheek. It got silent and he stared into my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me, taking my hand and placing it over the lump in his briefs. He was seriously hard and seriously leaking. I shook myself out of my reverie because I realized he was saying something and I was on another planet entirely. What he said was, "Lift up." He was taking off my clothes! Lying next to this Adonis, I looked like an infomercial for Save the Whales. But, he wanted me. He was hard for me. He was leaking for me. There is a God, and he is performing a miracle in a room 304 of the Hyatt Regency in Topeka, Kansas. I clicked my heels three times. There ain't no place like Kansas!

He said he wanted to feel our skin togerher. Is this real or just some line he memorized from some chick flick? He laid his head on my chest and I could feel some moisture. I put my hand gently under his chin and raised his face up. He had tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong?

He said, "You mean, what's right? Everyplace I go, David and Mark parade us around in front of fans who want to paw us and kiss us and feel us up. You didn't do any of that. Do you know how many guys in the past two years have hugged me and whispered in my ear that they want to fuck me? You didn't do that. You were sweet to me and treated me like I was something special and you haven't once tried to do anything that would ruin my image of you. I had a picture in my mind of who Carking was from the forum, and you're nothing like that. You are so much better! You know what's really stupid? For the first time in two years, here in your arms, I feel safe. I know you won't hurt me."

Now, we were both crying.

Stay tuned for chapter 3.
We held each other for I don't know how long. It could have been minutes, it could have been weeks. We both were breathing evenly, the breathing of the contented. Every once in a while, I would squeeze his shoulder and he would literally mew like a kitten. He ran his hand over me like an enthusiast touches a Rolls Royce. I swear to God, there was elevator music. Or a choir.

As casually as though we had been lovers for years, he slid his hand down my torso and into my briefs and wrapped his hand around my dick. I had seen that hand handle a few penises on the site, but somehow, it was so much better in person (no shit, huh?). He didn't stroke me, he just held me, like it was something he had lost and had now found. There was definitely some electricity, but it wasn't a jolt like lightning, but rather came in waves, each building on the other.

He peeled my underwear down and off my feet and sat on my legs. He held my cock tenderly and turned it all directions, as though doing a quality control check. It have passed because he leaned in and kissed it right on the weeping head. Without even thinking about it, his tongue snaked out and licked his lips. He realized what he had done and looked into my eyes and sheepishly grinned like a kid who had done something naughty, but instinctively knew that he was way too cute to be punished. He shrugged his shoulders and leaned in and kissed it again. Slowly. With lots of tongue. When he wrapped his lips around it and started moving his head up and down millimeters at a time, he stroked with his hand as well. It was almost as though from the outside, you could barely tell he was moving, but from the inside, it was the most amazing sensation ever. He made love to my cock like he invented love-making. We were almost like soul mates and he knew every button to push. Time started speeding up, and even though this was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me, by far, I knew that if he kept it up too much longer, that meant it would be over and I would be going away and leaving my dream.

I touched his shoulder and he looked up at me. Have you ever, I mean ever, had the experience of having perfect oral sex performed on you and looked into the eyes of the person doing it? Perfect planetary alignment. World peace. All is right in carkingland.

I tugged his shoulder a little and he came to lay beside me. I could no longer manage to remain calm. I did the Tyler maneuver and slid my hand down his tummy, past that perfect inny, through his sparse treasure trail, past that cute little mole halfway between his navel and the promised land. I slid my fingers under the waistband of his (soon to be mine) undies and encountered the Holy Grail. It was hard and soft, warm and moist, firm and throbbing. It was perfect, and for the moment, it was mine. Perhaps a little too enthusiastically, I removed his underwear and saw perfection staring at me through one weepy eye. I knew that when I could finally get my mouth around it that I would cum spontaneously, so I turned in a 69 position and tried to mimic his actions. After all, it was perfect, wasn't it?

We settled into a sort of rhythm, if you could call it that, with two heads bobbing, two tongues slurping, and hands flying over skin like spider monkeys having a seizure. We were gentle with our caresses, but I don't think that there was a square inch of skin that wasn't touched. I reached around and ran my palm over the globe of his ass and discovered another treasure. I think Michaelangelo must have jacked off over Tyler's ass to get the inspiration for his David. David's ass is pretty nice, but it ain't shit compared to Tyler. Now, I am not about anal sex. I wasn't plotting a way to get up in that, but I know a thing of beauty when I see it. This was a lifetime of perfect sunsets, spring showers, gentle waves, all wrapped up into one feel-good instant. Moments like this come along once in a lifeime, if you are lucky. Well, call me Lucky.

We slowly built up intensity, like a roller coaster clacking up that last hill, headed for the loop, the warp speed climax of the ride. When I felt the thick tube on the bottom of his dick start throbbing, felt his head swell, and felt the first bolt of his cum land squarely on my tongue, I had hit the lottery, won the Boston Marathon, the Super Bowl and American Idol. It was utopia. It was the best. I held his offering in my mouth, once again knowing that when I swallowed, it was going to be over. My pathetic life would once again stare me in the face, knowing that nothing ever would be as good as this.

He picked up his underwear where they lay beside him and teasingly rubbed them on my nose. We were laughing. I looked at him and only then realized that I had cum, too. Some of it was on the corner of his mouth. When he realized what I was looking at, once again, that sneaky tongue came out and took it all away.

No words were said for the longest time. We just cuddled. We drifted in and out of our own reverie. We would occasionally pat, or squeeze or caress, and we would make the appropriate noise to show how very good it had been. And still was.

He said, "I really like you, carking. I knew I would."

I had just been given the greatest gift anyone can give another: acceptance.

As I knew I must, I started to gather my things to start getting dressed. He put his hand on my arm and said, "I hope you don't think you're going anywhere. Our plane doesn't leave until 4 tomorrow afternoon. You have to go home and I have to go to Albequerque. But, you can leave after you put me on the plane. Until then, fasten your seatbelt, cowboy, it's going to be a bumpy night."

Postscript: The next day, as I traveled east on I-70 through Missouri, I got a text message from Tyler. It simply said" What are you doing next weekend?"
so hot! i will write something up. :) thanks for the shout out carking!
my fantasy is more primal. it involves Logan and a jackhammer.

it starts off with a craigslist ad. i love to read them, i've responded to a few and have some ok times.

i'm bored and going through the usual bunch of trolls posting pictures of themselves 20 years ago, hoping to bag a sexy young twink. i scroll through the ads and come across one that made me die laughing. the author used pictures of Logan, i mean who would do that? to entertain myself, i respond to the ad. i mean, c'mon... what are the chances its really him? we exchange emails back and forth, me being oh so tactful, i blurt out that he has balls using the picture of a porn star. he replies saying that it's really him and he'll text me a picture to prove it. i figure i can just block this weirdo so i give him my number. a minute later, a picture of Logan arrives on my phone with a sign with my name on it.

i quickly give him my address and jump in the shower. i'm already half hard, thinking about what i'm about to do. i get out and get the towel around myself when the doorbell rings. i open the door and there he is, standing there in a tshirt and sweatpants, i can see the bulge in his sweats. he comes in and reaches for my towel as i reach for his sweats. i push his sweatpants down to discover he's not wearing any underwear. he quickly removes my towel. i grab him by the dick and lead him to my bedroom.

i push him down on the bed and crawl on top of him. our bodies pushing together, our cocks growing harder, our lips locked in a passionate kiss. i reach between our bodies, grabbing our dicks and jerking them off together. i flip my body around, aiming my cock for his mouth. i grab his amazingly smooth cock and lick it once before devouring it all the way to the base. as i get his cock all the way into my mouth, he gasps and sighs heavily and continues to suck my dick. i keep going, licking and sucking his long shaft. i can taste the precum as i lick the head of delicious cock. i sit up straddling his face. he reaches up and lowers my ass onto his face, rimming me. i can feel his tongue penetrating my tight ass, working it nice and deep. i know what he has in mind. i reach over into my night table and get out the condoms and lube. i slip one on him and lube it up good. i lower my tight ass onto his big cock.

i can feel him entering me, i want more and more of it. i give myself a minute to adjust and quickly begin to ride that fantastic dick. without notice, he flips us over so that he's on top of me, my legs over his shoulder. he's leaning over me, our faces barely touching. i can feel the sweat dripping from his body onto mine as he continues to fuck me.

i reach out and rub my hands on his body. he leans up, placing a hand on my stomach. he rubs my abs rhythmically as he continues to pound me, deep and hard. the feeling of our bodies touching, the feeling of the sweat dripping from his body onto mine is all to much for me. without touching my cock or jerking it off, i begin to cum all over my stomach. with each thrust of his hips, another squirt of cum flies out, my mind completely in a fog from the pleasure of his dick in my ass. he quickly pulls out and shoots a load all the way up to my face. after a few squirts, he rubs his dick in the puddle of our cum and puts it in my mouth. i suck the head of his dick, making him shudder in post orgasm haze. he falls down next to me, leaning over to kiss me.

he helps clean me up and we take a shower. i offer him something to eat, having worked up an appetite. he accepts on the condition that i fuck him for dessert. of course, i agree.
my fantasy is more primal. it involves Logan and a jackhammer.
Wow zyl!!! I'm not usually into fantasies, I'm more into reality, but knowing what Logan looks like, and having seen your best parts in your profile page pic, this fantasy was very real and hot, and you do write so well. Thanks dude. That was totally hot. :thumbup:
Thank you, zyl! That was a fantastic and totally hot fantasy! Thanks for sharing it with us. And please feel free to continue on with part 2....