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What do you do when you can't escape your own head?


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Feb 8, 2010
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Tucson, AZ.
I come to this board all the time. It is my escape. I read and post and it gets me out of my head. But right now I am just going through something and I can't turn my mind off. I log in, but it feels a bit dead in here. I need to get my head out of this place and out of this funk. What do you guys/gals do?

I need some ideas. I can't do it on my own.
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I am so in my own head right now, I will be eagerly awaiting the suggestions as well. My usually methods are not even touching the situation.

Ack, we're all fucked, eh? I usually just bury my nose in a book and forget about everything else. But for the last week, that hasn't been working. Partying last night helped, but today it's allllll back! With gusto! Sometimes, really throwing myself into fixing a complicated meal that requires a lot of planning and focus is good, and when I'm done with it all, I've usually got things in perspective. I'm not really into working out. Sometimes, I just have to bury my head in my pillow, pull the covers over my head and hibernate for a while. Copious amounts of alcohol followed by a good shouting match works wonders, too, depending on what's got me in my head....
I usually try to suck someone elses head ....... oh you didn't mean that sort of head
Do you want professional opinion or girl talk ?
I can give you both :)

Professional- We must confront our own fear of insanity to go any futher in life. There are four things in this life that are grantees those are Death, Aloneness, Reality and lastly Freedom. When feeling bogged down by things or having anxiety ask yourself 2 questions, is what I am feeling propitiate to the situation? Am I dealing with this in manner that will help me learn from this situation or am I just venting to with no hope of growing from it.

Girl talk- Girl you just need to get laid
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I guess a lot of us are struggling right now. I've been in a funk for awhile and coming here does help. Getting lost in just watching a bunch of cute boys helps for a minute or two. I vent to my friends. But then I worry about bugging them with my whining. I write. Mostly, I just deal with it and wait for it to pass.

This is going to sound so fucking gay, but I am, so what the hell? I watch a sappy chick flick where someone leaves, or someone dies or hopefully, the good wins out over the evil. I cry like a baby, cleanse my soul, thank god that my problems are minor, and feel much better.

What also has really helped me is to learn what is important in life to get worked up about. My kids are healthy, I have a roof over my head, I have a job, I have some great virtual friends and online friends. Anything that is wrong in my life right now can be fixed with money, and money is just money. I don't obsess about it.

After her death, I came to realize that my mother had a lot of issues. I look back now and realize that she was not Harriet Nelson as I thought while growing up. But, she did teach me some things that are real. One thing I remember her saying to us is, "I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet."
Go out and do something good for someone. Maybe offer to do shopping for an elderly neighbour or other domestic chores. I think you'll feel good after that.
You neeed to get out of there quickly. You're mind is like a bad neihborhood. You don't belong in their by yourself... LOL:thumbup1:
Rollercoasters work for some peeps.......

I'm parisnoyd and acrophobic, so, yeah, I prob won't partake. I'm quite certain this is what I would look like........


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But then...

I may get noticed and make some new friends....


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What would worry me the most.......

is I may end up showing the world my internal parisnoyd.......


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But who knows?

I may find a rollercoaster liberating, and find my own inner adrenalin junky..


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It might even be kind of hot!

I have heard of terror causing sexual arousal and erections...

Maybe if Bigurl's advice doesn't work, you could consider a rollercoaster ride, Ms D? :001_smile:


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I have heard of terror causing sexual arousal and erections...

Maybe if Bigurl's advice doesn't work, you could consider a rollercoaster ride, Ms D? :001_smile:

How would you like to be the person sitting next to him??? Thanks for the ride, parisnoyd! Love it!
Well....That certainly made me laugh! Thanks for getting me out of my head for 90 seconds!!!
I am dying over here Oh my.. lol I was drinking something and totally wasn't ready for that one :p
My Hero....

Once again, you are my hero Paris. Thanks for the laughs. I think we need to go back and pull up some old stuff and get us all laughing again.

Big Head Trumps Little Head (this time)

Ms Deidra....I've been a member of The Forum for the last couple of years. I had an accident at work and the doctor said stay off your feet. Since I'm a mailman, I stayed home. My outlet was Broke Straight Boys and The Forum. I was absolutely addicted to it.

When I got up in the morning, the first thing I did was check The Forum. I made a few comments and added my two cents worth. I saw people come and go, people who were banned and others who wouldn't say shit with a mouthfull. I saw the parrots that had to add a yes, right on, or (my favorite) you go gurl! to the end of anyone's post. I was heartfelt and warmed by some of the posts and truly disgusted by others. I couldn't figure out the naysayers from the goodie two-shoes who never saw a post they didn't love.

Sometimes....like now, it seems like The Forum has gotten a little stale. Maybe too tame? I don't mean we have to constantly be embroiled in controversy, but....we have to have something to say that has to be worth saying and of an interest to a large segment of The Forum.

But I digress. The point I was trying to make was, I was feeling like you, completely at sea. So I said to myself....stop it!! Get out in the sun, breath some air and get a life. I have been away from The Forum for almost a year. Of couse I still watched the Broke Straight Boys and all the other related sites, but I didn't go near the Forum.

I came back to The Forum recently, and aside from a few new members that have posted (which is a welcome bit of fresh air) you have the same posters. In actuallity, being away from The Forum for a period of time was a much needed break and a lot of fun. But the one thing I have noticed the most....I didn't miss a thing. Same-o Same-o