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I used to work for about 22 years in a high end beauty shop.In a very high end neighborhood called Pacific Heights in San Francisco.
The Getty's lived there. High end women's stores. Children stores.Restaurants etc,He was there allot with his first wife and his second.
Who was the nanny.Always friendly.Always on and funny.Always shook are hands and waved in are shop as he passed by.
Always read he was troubled,But you would never know.All I ever saw was a very nice man.Feel sad. But so glad I had the pleasure.
You just don't know.All I saw was a nice guy. RIP..Mr Williams.. You made me laugh.There aren't many that can do that anymore.
My favorite Robin Williams role was his Oscar winning performance in Good Will Hunting; second was Dead Poets Society.

And my favorite comedy bit was when he was Mork from Ork and he threw eggs up into the air and said "Fly! Be Free!"

Well now Robin is free from whatever caused him so much depression, so I hope he is flying free up there in Ork!
He shall be missed. But now he can also be with his dear friend Christopher Reeve.
When Robin lived in SF out in Sea Cliff every Halloween he had the house decorated and he was in costume. He would answer the door and it was always a show. One of my workmates lived a couple houses down from Robin and he would just stand out in front and watch the show as Robin answered the door for the kids.

My only actual interaction with him was at a restaurant where we had taken a friend of mine who was terminally ill. He was a major Robin Williams fan and he was ecstatic when Robin was seated at a table near up. Normally I would never disturb any one who is out to have a meal but one of our party did approach Robin and ask him if he could take a moment to say hello to our friend who had difficulty at that point walking. He came over and spent 10 minutes speaking to him. It was a display of selfless loving kindness and compassion I will never forget. I only regret that I was not available to provide the same to him when he needed it.

Good bye Robin and thanks for all the times you shared with us. We shall not forget you.
Good Morning Viet Nam

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WELL SAID, Tampa. Where the BOTH of them are NO LONGER suffering.AWESOME, and that puts me 'a little more' at ease!

He shall be missed. But now he can also be with his dear friend Christopher Reeve.
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He made many memories and many people smile. He lived life. Awesome dude just sad how it all ends :/
They had a large segment this morning on the Today Show about the relationship between Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve. Interestingly, I am on my second go around watching the ten seasons of Smallville. Christopher Reeve appeared on a few of those episodes as Dr. Swann, mentor to Clark Kent. Last week I saw the episode where they were announcing Dr. Swann's passing. So eerie.

I totally missed the news the day this broke... until I got home from work. Around 1830 (6:30p for you non-24 folks LOL). I turned CNN on... it was the talk for the next two hours. I watched it until CNN started repeating itself (probably only 30 minutes really ). I spent the next 4 hours watching assorted clips on Youtube of Robin. My first run in with him was when he was Mork. He was fantastic in that role! Over the years I watched probably everything he ever did. To me he was one of the funniest guys on the planet. You knew he had issues and it was clear from his stand up acts. But I'd always thought (well really hoped) he'd gotten it together. Clear that was not the case. Over the years, in the professional career I've dealt with many many suicides. I've spent most of my life being depressed. I hate to admit that I am chronic depression. You never get over it. I only wish that Robin would have been able to get through it. Regardless, this man has brought me many laughs over the years. But I love his non-comeditic roles as well. Good Will Hunting will remain one of my all time favorite movies. I wish he would have been able to use the love of his family to get him through this. The world is a much more empty place now. I can only imagine what his family must feel like. Despite all the crap in the news about his suicide... I intend to honor him and his wife's request. I will be watching a ton of Robin Williams over the weekend! This is about honoring him and what he has accomplished not the suicide or depression. I hope he's in a happier place!

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