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Vinnie & Jimmy 4/25


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Jan 9, 2009
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Castle Rock, CO
Sorry to offend if it does, but, *SIGH*, and *YAWN*!! The '1-star rating' is a "gift", as far as I am concerned.:thumbdown:
Whoa. Some guy is going to find this the sexiest video ever. Not me.

I like the playfulness of the idea. I just don't like the idea itself.
i now have one for my foot fetish collection.
not what i was expecting. not sure what i was expecting, but this never crossed my mind.
on the positive side, we know jimmy and vinnie will fuck a guy's feet.
Both guys don't want to kiss or suck cock, let alone get fucked. Not for nothing I was curious for what this most unlikely pairing would bring.

Jimmy with his negative attitude, and Vinnie with his Latino passion.

Where Jimmy sighs like everything asked is too much to ask, Vinnie still got him to laugh.

Is this a good video? To say it in Jimmy's own words: "hell no!" A video with Jimmy in it, will never be a turn on, or fun to watch for me. The production team should have skipped this one!

But I'm waiting for Vinnie to return and fuck Zach!
actually this is the second entry in my foot fetish collection.
jimmy shot on matt's foot.
next time a guy throws his legs up like that don't stop at the feet!
What we have here is

...a failure to communicate with the audience. Perhaps to accomodate their overwhelming fear that any amount of cum might land somewhere on their person, maybe these brave pioneers need to wear body condoms whenever they are on the set and have to get an erection.


With all due respect I just did something I have never done before on Broke Straight Boys I stopped watching a video half way through and I gave it a 1. I hated not giving it the full benefit of a doubt but it seemed to be sucking the life out of me. I know there are people that will love it but as someone else said it is not me. I will however give it one positive note; did anyone notice there was no bickering over the cash?
Hi Denny Bear,

"I know there are people that will love it..." Could you name at least three?

If I were Mark, today I would bring forward the next update: CJ and Bret. There's no point in discussing this video till coming Thursday.
the camera work was good. there was little cash talk. conversation was short.
the guy got hard and came hard. both guys are hot. for me watching a guy get a foot massage with a dick is not entertaining. it is not sex nor it is sexy.
vinnie started to get the idea of moving his feet. now a foot massage of a dick is entertaining. for a brief second, it was sexy. there is something about vinnie that i like a lot.
jimmy, can you see him giving foot massages?
I looked at the preview pics, and immediately determined this one isn't even worth watching.

Wow!!! I feel like I just got slapped in the face. Not only did this video truly suck, but the production company actually had the nerve to post it.

They've displayed a new level of arrogance and disregard for their CUSTOMERS! WTF!
I applaud the effort to bring something new and, to some perhaps, exciting. I also appreciate that Broke Straight Boys is looking to find "out of the box" scenarios for its members.

I think, even those who have "foot fetishes," members will find this shoot as erotic as watching Rice Krispies snap, crackle and pop.

The thing about such a scenario is that it needs to be between two people who are both into this particular fetish, and want to engage in this activity. Still, it was kind of fun to watch. I enjoy watching Vinnie, even though he is not my kind of guy. There is just something about Vinnie that draws me in and keeps me wanting more.

Thanks, Broke Straight Boys, that was definitely different!
Are you kidding me?!?!? I'm paying how much for this? If there aren't enough interesting vids in the May bonus section I'm bailing. I can't believe that I've threatened this so many times and wimped out. This is it - I'm officially over what this site has become. I'm not even watching this episode after seeing the pics.

With all due respect Mark, you can't wait for the vids in the can to be used up. You need to do something now or just shut it down. This has gone from being a really good site to being an embarassment. Sorry for the tough love...
Totally Loosing Me

I have been a member of Broke Straight Boys for years, but this is my first posting. This video along with the new style Broke Straight Boys is totally loosing me. I do not know how much longer I will continue being a part, but the end is near if the videos continue to be so bad. I do agree that the only good comment here is WTF.
HORIBLE HORIBLE HORIBLE Get David back and get some real action back here stupid crud now
I am in total agreement with you on this one. One or two more of this type video and I will be cananceling my membership. The site appears to be going down hill.
You won't catch me defending this video but let's not forget we've been here before. Can anybody say Fleshlight Party?

"For our next video, why don't we have a circle jerk where you can't see anybody's dick?"

"Great idea, boss."