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viewing problems


Dec 7, 2009
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marble falls, tx
Good afternoon. I am a long time member but a new subscriber to the Forum.
About a year ago my old pc died and I bought a laptop that has "Windows Vista Home" installed on it.

I have no problems accessing and viewing any/all of the content except for several sites that are accessed through "HSBoys" such as "First Timers", "Frat Boys", "Straight Bait", and "Fetish factory" and the rest of the sites that use that particular version of WMV. When I enter the site I am able to select a video but when I attempt to select a clip or film the screen clears and nothing further happens.

I have addressed this issue on three separate occasions wih the support that is available thru the web site and get the same canned, scripted response that doesn't solve the problem. There is a link on the affected sites to download codecs from Microsoft but when I try that I get a message that my system is "not compatible".

There is plenty of content other places on your site that will keep my coming back but I sure would like to be able to view everything on the site.

Keep up the good work.
Hi Philh55! Welcome to the forum...I would copy this post and PM Mark directly about your issue so he can help you through it.

Make sure you are also accepting 3rd party cookies in your browser settings and make your privacy settings are set to medium or lower. These settings are in your browser settings usually under tools then internet options then the privacy tab. If you need specific instructions on how to do that let me know.

Dear Phil I was having the same problem and Mark;s last suggestion was the solution I found worked for me
thanx for the assist but I've already tried that and still no luck. The thing is I like the content that I can view so much that it is well worth the monthly subscription fee without the other, It's kind of like having a beautiful 18yo sleeping next to you that is off limits.
pretty much tried e-thing that you suggested. Still no luck. Let's not waste any more time on this, As soon as I get my SS ck this mo I'm going to take my laptop in and have Windows XP-Pro reinstalled and that should get me back to where I was when I was able to view all of the content. As I wrote to Lester, the content that I can view is worth more than what I pay for it. You do a great job, instead of spending any more time on this go find a cute boy for someone to fuck. Thanx for your good work.
I have been having the same problem and have gotten the same routine response from "Amber" does she actually exist and does she bother to read the email before responding. :confused1:
I have done the same things as suggested and get nothing, as a matter of fact, now all it does is ask for my user name and password over and over.
I have given up on the sites HSBoys etc and miami studios figuring they must not be worth it.:001_huh:
I can accept third party cookies and everything suggested but cnnot get any further than the user name and password. If my email was actually read they would have seen that.
I can get everything else just fine, street bait etc.
Just thought I would add my 2 cents on the problem, although in todays economy it was probably more than 2 cents.
One more thing does anyone still watch the "elite" sites, the videos seem to be recycled over and over. I think I have been through their cycle at least 3 times since I have been a member.:wink: