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Updates Coming In September 2009


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
I'm doing bonus updates again in September excluding this week. I needed to give my editor some extra time to get caught up. We have a hot month in September with 13 updates. I hope you guys enjoy my selections.




Jordan looks cuter than ever and that guy with ain't half bad! I'll foot the bill for your editor's Red Bull tab if it gets that one up sooner!
I look at those and I see DIESEL, Logan, Shane and JOSH! Jordan is always a crowd pleaser too. haha Looks like a great month. The model with Shane is a cutie. That one model with Tyler looks a little bit like Ace. Looks like NU is back. I see several models with potential here. Looks like another great month.

Damn you are good!

Logan, Tyler, Diesal, Shane, Nu, Jordan....... and a few new faces as well. September is deffo gonna be HOT.

Thanks Blu and D&E for making my day!

Wow, September promises to be a great month. We even have last years Christmas presents coming back. Yeah!. Tyler, Nu, Diesal, Jay, Shane, and Jordan are back too.

I wonder if Jay will fuck Logan at least once. They would be great in a hot flip flop action scene because of being friends. We can only dream... :blushing::sneaky2:

And wouldn't Jordan be hot in action with Tanner from Straight Boys Jerk Off Who am I kidding Jordan would be hot with just about any of our great models...

We have a new guy with Tyler it looks like... It kind of looks like one of the guys from 8teenboy.com that is a power bottom. This could be very promising. Hey, anything with Tyler is always promising to me. Great month... Everyone stock up on the lube...:blushing:

It looks like Josh is back too.
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Well, I see a marvelous selection of old friends and new faces. What a great September this will be.
September looks very good to me. Lots of familiar faces...can't wait to see Diesal's next shoot !!!
Of course some other hotties too in the shape of Logan and Jordan.

Will be a good month.....spring is definately here for us in New Zealand and things are hotting up wahoooooo:w00t::drool: