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Nov 28, 2008
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Tacoma, WA
Hey guys, has anyone heard from Kodyboy and Ray. Was thinking since it is summer down under they are both not near the computers as much.
Just wondering.

Hi, Gary.

Kodie stops by once in a while. Rarely anymore, but Ray hasn't been around for months.

I do miss getting silly with them.
Paris, I do too miss Kodie and Ray. It was always neat to see what was happening down under.

Hi Gary ... How are you going bud ... life is very hot over here, everyone is going ok

at this time in my life i wish id chosen another way to make living, how are you and john going?
We are doing fine. I bought Jon a laptop for Christmas. He sure likes it. Not too much going on up here in the Pacific Northwest. Just finished a whole bunch of shopping today, so I hope we are set until next week.
Weather has been mild up here this winter since we are in an El Nino weather pattern. Warmer and wetter but not as wet as California is. We should be in the mid 40's during the day, but we have been averaging mid to upper 50's, even some low 60's. Looks like this will be our warmest January on record.
Hi Gary,
I'm baaaack - lol
How are you?
This is my first day back online - been having problems getting a simple internet connection. Hope to chat with you soon.
Welcome back, Ray. What kind of a summer have you all had down there this year?
Look forward to chatting with you soon.
P.S. I like the picture of your kitty, a calico cat. She is pretty. I have a tortuous shell cat. She is in the same line as the calico. My cat's name is Precious. Will have to post a picture of her soon.

Hi guys
It is good to be back
Paris - any time you want to get silly ................. oops