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Travis Stork


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Nov 29, 2008
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brooklyn ny
Love to watch Travis Stork from the Doctors TV program. Think his is sooooo hot. Anyone know if he is gay?
I'd never heard of the dude or show so I wiki'd him and it doesn't cover his personal life but does mention he was on The Bachelor and became engaged to a woman from the show, though they did not marry. The Bachelor appearance doesn't preclude his being gay but would have made his being gay hard to hide with the way the entertainment media dissects those contestants...
Hey Guys, if I am not mistaking, the show "The Doctors" airs daily on our ABC station up here in Seattle. I have not seen the show, in fact I don't watch any daytime t.v.. I have seen it listed. It was moved to a late morning slot here in order for Dr. Oz to be broadcast in the afternoon on ABC.