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Tiger Woods vs Barak Obama


Mar 5, 2009
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On other chat boards I've seen several references to the sizes of penises on the two gentlemen mentioned. People like to speculate who is hung better.

Now and then I like to check out the straight site, Sex Spies, just to refresh my memory concerning the original use of sexual anatomy as formulated by the designer.

This bonus site has a rip roaring funny series featuring freeway sex in a car. Today I stumbled on a flick on page two, named "Alexa Belle," who gets screwed by a black young man strongly resembling the President. This fellow is hung better than a mule. Alexa couldn't take more than half of it. It must have been eleven inches or better.

Who is this guy? Any chance we could see him on Broke Straight Boys? Problem: He may be straight, but he's probably not broke.

I thought this model more closely resembled BO rather than TW. Anyone would be proud to have either a President or Sports Hero who was hung like this fellow. He didn't make any bones about it: he was proud of his cock, too! This would also explain why so many girls were had by TW. I'd also wager the First Lady could accommodate that organ.
Sometimes you can see the POTUS prick bouncing around inside his presidential pants as he strides across the WH lawn to catch the copter. Really cute.
I clicked on here because I thought it was gonna be about which one could kick the other's ass: Armed with a golf club you'd think it'd be Tiger but then Obama calls in the Marines. Game over!