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These forums are about as exciting as a graveyard.


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Mar 27, 2010
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Nobody says much of anything. It seems kind of dull. Is that intentional?
Graveyard shift

Nobody says much of anything. It seems kind of dull. Is that intentional?

Dear LoganBroad,

Since my first becoming a member of Broke Straight Boys in March 2010, there have been two major purges of forum members. The first one had to do with members wrongly trying to get personal info on the models. Then, most recently, there has been another purge due to members wanting more say so on the site about models.

Both have had a devastating effect on the forum. While I have over 400 posts since March, my own participation on the forum has become very limited and almost rare because there are so few people left and contribute to serious topics and well as humorous posts, such as my former custom, depends on more interchanges of ideas on the forum than exist today. The forum is operating on a skeleton crew of its former self.

I keep hanging on hoping there will be a return to its former glory. These past purges have removed key members that contributed more than what appears on the forum today. For me to write with a sense of humor, there has to be a climate and a comfort level that supports this. We no longer have these two factors on our forum.


Cumrag27, aka Stimpy
You can go in to a bar looking for a great atmosphere, or... you can bring it yourself!
Feel free to do so underwear fun.

I like the expression "are about as exciting as a graveyard" too!
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if it's that 'dull' maybe this site isnt for you, meaning, (maybe this site doesnt offer what YOU are looking for?)

(sorry David, had to say that, as far as the majority of us, we are content/satisfied with it's overall content)


P.S. Others' opinions welcome!
I always liked graveyards...