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The NEW CBP - Brendon - Coach Maddox


Aug 19, 2010
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On the BEACH -- in NY!
Congratulations! The New College Boy Physicals is going in the right direction! When HOT, beefy, masculine Coach Maddox came in for his exam I knew College Boy Physicals had good things in store for us. His exam was quite a treat and hopefully we'll get to see more of him with his young men as they come in to be examined. While speaking to Nurse Powers about his entire team needing physical exams, I wondered who would be put into compromising and revealing positions on your exam table. Then we met Brendon.

If Brendon is the first of many of his team ready to be probed by the docs, then we are going to see some pretty amazing exams ahead. Brendon is the ultimate stud and as a former high school wrestler, this is the kind of guy that I have long fantasized about since leaving the mat myself. His tight muscular chest and bulging biceps were just amazing and when he stripped down to that jockstrap, well, words just escape me there! Brendon's athletic, well-developed hairy thighs and calves were just like those I remember from when I was fortunate enough to have legs like those wrapped around my own. That hairy butt and crack were a real treat as seen through his bulging jock as he proudly strutted about. His moaning and groaning as well as the leaking man-juice from his loins seemed to indicate that this young stud was really enjoying his unique male experience on the exam table.

Bring Brendon back for an even more thorough "exam"! Let's hope that the rest of the TEAM will be as hot and beefy as your first patient is! I wonder who else Coach Maddox will escort to the doctor's office...