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  1. nitefly

    Recent Scenes - BSB v. CBP

    Over the past few months, I have concluded that the College Boy Physical scenes are better (to me) than the recent BSB scenes. I have way more repeated viewings of the CBP scenes. I understand D & E are producing scenes for both sites, but I think they got their act together over there while...
  2. G

    CBP - Dr Geo and Derek - BRAVO!

    I'm a huge fan of College Boy Physicals still - Medical Fetish is alive and well still with some of us! Finally a shoot that truly is devoted to medical fetish lovers - not just sex in a medical setting - BRAVO! Keep it up guys!!! I belong to CBP and BSB mainly because of shoots like this one!
  3. G

    The NEW CBP - Brendon - Coach Maddox

    Congratulations! The New CBP is going in the right direction! When HOT, beefy, masculine Coach Maddox came in for his exam I knew CBP had good things in store for us. His exam was quite a treat and hopefully we'll get to see more of him with his young men as they come in to be examined. While...