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Stupid Question for Mac users


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Nov 2, 2008
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leeds england
I've recently bought a MacBook Pro and I think it's brill but I'm having difficulty downloading files from sites. When I click on the download button on Quicktime it just streams and does not download. What am I doing wrong please ? I need to download the film for use later when I'm not logged into the site.

As I said, I've only had the machine 1 week so it's probably something really simple but is confusing the shit out of me lol :blush:
This is me just guessing here since I have a PC. Maybe you should try to look at your settings on your internet browser and quicktime. It might be set to stream and not actually downloading. Maybe I could go research this for you since I'm at home sick in bed.

You just need to hold down the alt key when you click on the link.

If it's new, you should have a year of Apple Care. They can answer all your questions. They are always helpful and NOT in an Asian country. I bought the 3 year plan because I was new to Mac. I got my iMac in Feb and love it.
heh there is no alt key on the Mac but if you hold down the control key, and click the resolution you want, you get a menu of options, then you can save the file as... and then give it a name, like 'TylerNuDustin' for example, then you'll know it in the future.
john I dunno what you are doing in that part of the keyboard! The control key is at the far lower left, hold it and click the resolution you want.