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Streaming Options for watching BSB Videos


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Oct 18, 2008
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Denver, CO
Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed that our options for watching videos has been improved.
When you click on a episode for an example; Drake and Colin: View Drake and Colin Episode

Right below the large image on the left click on one of the viewing options for Streaming: Either, HD, High or Portable MP4


This will open a new window for you to begin watching the video. This is true "streaming" what this means is no matter where you are in the world this video will load near a server close to you, so you can have the highest quality video playing just as fast as if it were loaded on your personal computer.

Please let us know if you have any viewing trouble. One thing you want to be sure is if you are behind a "firewall" on your computer you may get an error, turn off your firewall to have this video play right on our website.

This are just some of the changes we are implementing to make your experience as a member even better. We welcome any comments.


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what about the flash video version? is there no longer an option for that?
what about the flash video version? is there no longer an option for that?

Correct our player has replaced the flash version since MP4 is fully cross platform friendly including mobile devices and tablets/iPads.
i had finally growth use to flv's. guess i am getting old. i wonder if there is an app for that.
Wow, innovation in my old section of the world. So far everything is fine - I luv it. Thanks.
All good but the buffering

The streaming worked well on my iMac (except for 2 instances of brief buffering, EVEN at the second, non HD level. I rarely have that problem). I did like that I could pop back and forth and cut out some of the interminable BJ scene in Collin and Drakes scene. I didn't have to wait for the whole stream to load. That's a definite improvement.

Thanks! .............. Stripe222
Wish I could jump on the bandwagon, but I just can't. The new streaming video does not work well for me, too much stop and go buffering, and very choppy streaming at about the point that Chad started sucking Darren's dick, and also at the point where Colin pulled the pillows under him in the first video. I know it's probably my computer, but the flash video was way, way better for me and rarely caused any problems for me.
Hi Jason,

Let us know what you are using so we can troubleshoot to help others out. What we have seen typically causing issues is members running either Norton or McAfee Anti-Virus with Firewall built in. Or Windows Operating systems with firewall turned on.

These are the most common reasons a video will not play. The system we use is very much like YouTube. So if you can't play videos on YouTube you may have issues here, but we are using all of the standard releases and its proving to be less problematic than flash ever was.

How To: (Enable your firewall back on after this, or Allow connections from Broke Straight Boys.com)
Turn off Windows 7 Firewall
Turn off McAfee Firewall
Turn off Norton Firewall

If this solved your problem, please share with us. We want to know if anyone is having trouble so we can troubleshoot it.

Improvements? Hmm, I don't know. I never had a problem before, but now, every video I try to watch, all keep buffering over and over to the end. Sometimes a video seems to get stuck in one place and does't stop buffering. I end up having to log off completely.
i never turned off my firewall. did not know how and was too lazy to learn how.
thanks for the link. i am sure that in time, i would have found it. over a long period of time. good to know how to turn it back on.