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Story Time


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Dec 15, 2009
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We obviously have some writers here (besides rifle). Anybody have a story they'd like to share? I'll start off with one I wrote a couple of years ago for another site but long buried in their archives. It's a heterosexual masturbation story (In real life I'm a 1 on the Kinsey scale. Actually, in public I'm a 0 but when I get here I go to 2 :001_tongue: ). The story is a hair too long for the forum rules so I have broken it up into two parts.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sweating Off

A year after graduating from college I did not expect to be living in my parents' attic. The fact that my girlfriend of all of three months was also living there made it even more absurd.

Life was supposed to be better. I was a fucking college graduate, after all. That I was proven incompetent at my first job of selling furniture was of no concern. I kept trying to convince myself that the reason I was fired was karma. Dad had died of a sudden heart attack seven months earlier and I felt I really needed to move home for a while to help Mom out. This move ignored the reality that my mother was ten times more forceful than my father. She always had been. Truthfully, I came home for me. I'd lost my dad in one night. I needed the love and support.

Karen did complicate things. I met her at the market two months before I was fired. I was looking at artichokes, digging through the pile to find a couple I liked. As I pulled them out, she came up to me, asking me how you pick a good artichoke. I told her you wanted them tightly closed. We got talking about dipping sauces, cooking times and when to give up eating the leaves and to just go for the heart. I know my artichokes. Totally out of character for me, I invited Karen over for an artichoke dinner that night.

We were fucking by 10 PM.

It was one of those affairs. Passionate and fast. We were together virtually every night, staying over at one of our places. I have never met a sillier girl than Karen. I've known funnier ones but, hey, she liked The Three Stooges. What else can a guy want? We did laugh a whole bunch. Our mutual ticklishness had nothing to do with our laughter. She was smart, better read than me and more willing to plow though a difficult book. And she was alluring. Karen was one-half Hawaiian which gave her a very mysterious aura. She kept her black hair trimmed, against the style of the time. Short and compact in frame, she had small, perfectly formed breasts perched above a thin waist. Karen's Asian genes went right to her pussy, which was thickly covered in coarse, coal-black pubes. But it was her skin color that made Karen stand out. She had a golden shine that I loved. Karen always looked healthy, even the morning after a long night of drinking and cigarettes.

Or sex.

We were pretty wild in bed. Almost always we started off with a fast fuck. It didn't take much to get our juices flowing, literally. We wouldn't cum but this set us up for stage two: play. Sometimes we'd masturbate, usually mutually, moving to oral sex involving a 69. Or maybe a little rope would be involved. We had a lengthy soft cord we picked up in a junk/antique store. The bonds always could be easily broken; it was the thought that counted. We both enjoyed being tied up and teased. What happened next would depend on the time of day. If it was the afternoon, we'd often end with a long, slow fuck and take a nap. If it was nighttime, we usually didn't make it that far. In any case, Karen and I had a lot of fun naked.

I think the sex was the major reason Karen moved home with me, although her being as aimless as I was helped. That my conservative mother allowed us to sleep together in her house was shocking to me at the time. I guess she wanted me home as much as I wanted to be there.

I knew it had been a mistake for Karen to come along within the first week of my moving home - she quickly became bored - but I didn't want to lose my fuckmate. My old bedroom was too small for the both of us so we moved into the finished dormer attic that had been my older brother's. There was plenty of room and opening the windows did seem to give us enough ventilation at first. Later nothing would prove sufficient. There is not enough space or cooling breeze in the world to sooth a couple breaking up.

By July we were still sleeping together but the sex had become mostly routine. It remained frequent as we were too damn horny but we were fighting as much as we were fucking. Maybe the rope bindings were a little tighter than before. Karen was really getting on my nerves, as was Mom. My mother didn't need me. She ended up getting along fine by herself for twenty-eight years after dad died. Far from me helping her, Mom started wanting to run my life, too. All my mother needed me for was to screw in lightbulbs she couldn't reach. On the other hand, Karen just wanted me to screw myself. Instead Karen and I screwed each other without much commitment or real passion.

One day Karen and I were banished to the attic for the afternoon. Mom had company and didn't want us in the living room. Fine except that it was 95 degrees with 80% humidity that day. It was one of those humid summer days you just sit around sweating. You don't even have to move to be drenched in your own perspiration. I had stripped to my boxers with Karen just wearing a pair of panties and a T shirt. We were sitting on opposite sides of the attic, both under a window, begging for a breeze. The air wouldn't acquiesce. I lay on a pillow/backrest I'd loved since I was a kid; Karen was spread out over our bed. We read and smoked cigarettes, Camel Lights being our brand. Sometime during the sultry afternoon my hand subconsciously slipped inside my shorts and I started fingering my cock. Soon my right hand was more interesting than my book. I stopped long enough to first mark and then close the novel, after which I returned my hand to inside my underwear. I felt a brief thrill as I played with my dick while in the same room as Karen but without her knowing about it. She hadn't looked up from her read. My now hard cock popped out through the fly of my boxers. Karen finally took notice. We locked eyes but didn't say a word. I kept stroking my cock. Hell, I didn't need her permission to beat off. I slid my boxers down and threw them across the room to an ever growing pile of smelly clothes. Karen didn't move, still holding onto her book as if she was going back to it any second. I started jerking my boner in earnest. Who needs pre-cum or lube when you have good old sweat? I was really starting to perk now, water running down my chest to my crotch. I slowed down, enjoying the moment. While Karen and I had certainly masturbated in front of each other before, it had been a while and certainly it had never started quite like this. While still holding her book open, I saw Karen's other hand slide inside her panties. We sat there silently and played with ourselves. Soon the library closed. Karen used her T-shirt as a bookmarker as she removed it and her panties. She stayed on the bed, rearranging the pillows to get more comfortable. Soon we were both rubbing ourselves in earnest. Outside the occasional slap of sticky flesh, the only noise was of a neighbor watering his lawn. I picked up speed. Turned on by this impromptu jacking session, I came well, spewing spunk all over my stomach. I wiped it up with my bare hand, then licked my hand clean. My cum tasted especially salty mixed in with my sweat. Any remaining semen I rubbed into my wet chest. Karen was going to take longer today so I lit a cigarette, enjoying her pleasure. Karen never came noisily. Instead, she just trembled. Today her shaking was turning into a full fledged earthquake. Buildings collapsed as she came although it wasn't the first trembler but the orgasmic aftershocks that destroyed the city. Sweat and cum turned the ground to liquid as the roof caved in. I broke out in a big grin. She may drive me crazy but this girl could cum. I finished my cigarette as Karen lit herself one. I was surprised it even caught fire. It should have been soaking wet.

Staying naked, we went back to our books. Soon we both napped. I awoke to the sound of slippery flesh. Karen had retrieved a purple eight inch long friend of hers. Where my head lay, I was looking at the Dildo go right up her pussy. She played with her nipples with her free hand. I stayed there, half awake, enjoying the sex show in that twilight state. Still, as I had awoken with a woody, it didn't take too long for me to join her. This time we came roughly together. I swore I smelled her sex.

We masturbated one more time that sticky afternoon before joining each other for a nice, long cooling shower. Karen and I took an evening off from Mom and instead went to dinner and a movie. We even had an enjoyable fuck that night. It wasn't like our initial times together but at least we weren't fighting.

(end, part 1)
Sweating Off (part 2)

That afternoon set the pattern for the rest of the summer. We were broke and there are just so many times you can go to the museum and the park. Instead, we spent most afternoons in the attic. It was a humid summer so we'd strip down, read, nap and rub ourselves off. Occasionally, especially if it was cool, our afternoon sessions would advance to either my eating her out or her blowing me - Karen really liked giving a blow job, God bless her - or maybe both. Once or twice we just fucked. But by far and away the strongest memory I have of that wet summer is of Karen and me nude in that attic, both of us playing with our genitals. We'd be sweating and fingering our crotches. Karen would sometimes get out her plastic purple dick but more often than not she just dug in with her fingers, her brown skin glistening in persperation. I'd do nothing kinkier than prop my head up so I could view both my cock and her pussy at the same time. I'd jerk off, enjoying watching her do the same. We were two naked, sweaty twenty four year olds, masturbating to the beat of our relationship breaking apart.

Karen split by mid August. Somehow she thought she could do better for a boyfriend than an out of work college graduate that liked to lay around, smoke cigarettes and jack off. The nerve of her! It turned out her leaving was the kick my lazy ass needed. I, too, moved out of my mom's house in favor of Colorado, where it was rarely hot and humid. I somehow found a new girlfriend. Outside of the sex, Karen was no great catch.

Still, to this day if I am jerking off on a hot afternoon, I think back to Mom's attic, with Karen and me naked, sweating, sitting across the room from each other and rubbing ourselves to ecstasy. It was a sweltering, miserable summer and one that still gives me a boner.
Re-reading the story, I just caught the orgasmic earthquake/Haiti coincidence. Jeez, I'm sorry, folks. It seemed like a good metaphor a couple of years ago. If I'd caught it earlier, I would have re-written this section, considering the horror we are all watching on our TV screens.

This was thoughtless on my part. I apologize.