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Stale Bread


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Aug 12, 2010
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Broke Straight Boys is a great porn site. This point has never sifted in my mind. But lately I noticed a stale effect regarding the execution of the performances. Not just the scene actions, but for once the performers are lacking (not totally- there are some very bright stars). The main problem I have with the performers is the cocky attitude. There are sum, who are repeat performers, who were once valiant showmen, but are now like a tape recorder. Doing the same thing over-and-over. Also there are some performers on this site (tops) whose natural gifts do not match-up to their roles on this site. I once felt this was the greatest site, of this genre, on the web. Now I feel, although a great site, the quality has slipped. I will never reveal who (performers) I have problems with because I never want to directly hurt someones feelings, but I do speak for a purpose. I hope my words are taken as truth. Now, a bit of lightheartedness my top three performers of the "new" Broke Straight Boys: Rex, Chad, and Connor. I feel these men might be some of the best Broke Straight Boys has ever had. Rex has a very bright future far beyond Broke Straight Boys or any site can offer.
I get your drift. My favorite dessert is banana cream pie but having it seven times a week can be a challenge. I also have my favorite actors on Broke Straight Boys but I see them a little too often these days that my eyes are beginning to glaze over them. I need variety! I need spontaneity! I just need a change of venue in men actors at least every three months. Call me spoiled but I can't help it - I'm just a horny hot blooded American male who love dick.
:clown:I too would like some spontaneity!
I hate it when we are told what is going to happen at the beginning of the video! ex the video we just say with Bobby, Connor and Anthony. Bobby ruined the whole video for me by saying they were going to do a train or as he calls it a "choo choo train". I almost did not watch the video because of that. To me it is like going to the movies, waiting in line, and being told the ending by someone walking out of the show that just saw the movie.:deadhorse2:
Is there a shortage on performers that we need to keep seeing the same guys. I like most of them but like the previous writers have stated, too much can be a bad thing. Lets keep these stallions in the stable while we are rounding up and breaking in some new mustangs!:knight:
Thanks y'all for responding, and understanding my basic complaints. I love when I can share my thoughts with others, and get some feedback. Thanks!
:nicethread:No problem! I like to see threads that do not necessarily comment on a specific video or performer. That way no one feels bad when we criticize a particular someone or video.