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Shawn and Braden

Feb 17, 2010
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Ft. Lauderdale
OK, I'll start this one for a change :tongue_smilie:. Kind of nice to see a dude who actually doesn't have experience for a change (Braden). Not sure what the comments are going to be from the forum about the shit being tossed back and forth between the guys, but by the end I was laughing too. I'll give them both an "E" for effort on this one - especially Shawn at the end. Jeez, I thought he was having a seizure of something.

Tell you what, not the most erotic episode by a long shot but this one was fun. They got along real well, I can see them going out drinking afterward. Definitely better than Braden with Brian. Any plans to pair them again? :thumbup:
I'll give them both an "E" for effort on this one - especially Shawn at the end. Jeez, I thought he was having a seizure of something.

Tell you what, not the most erotic episode by a long shot but this one was fun. They got along real well, I can see them going out drinking afterward. Definitely better than Braden with Brian.

I can go along with an “E” for effort and Entertainment. It was good to see Shawn and how much he’s developed and became a little more talkative, which I liked very much. It will be interesting to see just how far Braden is or will be going. It was an interesting shoot and I agree with you, it was fun.
I enjoyed this episode a lot! And the look on Braden's face as he watched Shawn cumming was priceless!! :)
Yeah...its hard for me to watch and film without laughing. Shawn is very intense when he jerks off. As for Bredan, he's my "pet" project and I'm trying to get him use to sucking cock, Braden was very challenging because he is not really into this whole "gay" for pay and/or doing gay porn but he's so desprite to make the money, I guess every boy has his price....as you notice, I did tell him that if he wants to make more money, he's gotta do more stuff with guys...and I was serious when I told him this....so keep watching as I put Braden through gay porn 101 boot camp....LOL.
I guess every boy has his price....as you notice, I did tell him that if he wants to make more money, he's gotta do more stuff with guys...and I was serious when I told him this....so keep watching as I put Braden through gay porn 101 boot camp....LOL.

David no one can say that you did not tell Braden almost through this entire shoot that if he was desperate for money he was going to have to do more. Well we will see just how desperate he really is and I know you will definitely push the envelope. I will definitely stay tuned because I want to know!
David this was a great shoot for both Shawn and Braden. I think Shawn is more used to sucking smaller dicks I could see how Braden's dick challenged him almost as much as Shawn's dick challenged Braden. I think a few 69 kinds of scenes with Tyler, Austin, Shane, and maybe Logan. Braden will get it. I think Braden may need that BJ that takes his body to heaven and sends his mind south experience to really get it. The 69 is one of the best scenes for teaching the art of the BJ. Kind of like the instructor demonstrates and the student follows. It also works as a feed back tool. When the student does a poor job the instructor can basically say here is what you are doing to me. This is what you should be doing. The rest is in Braden learning to relax his throat and putting his trust in the other models. The 69 helps build that trust because you can blow a load down your partner's throat as easily as they can you.

Another, way you can help encourage a good BJ for Braden is to put him in a contest with a few of our more seasoned pros. I.e. Tyler, Austin, Shane, Logan.

Here is the set up. Maybe you have two great guys on staff somewhere that deserves a great BJ. You invite them into the room to receive.

Braden and his competition position themselves on their knees. They can only use their mouth and no hands. Their hands can be behind their own back, jacking themselves off, or holding their partner's ass or legs.

The person receiving can use their hands to guide the cocksucker's head if they want to. And they can tell the cocksucker how to make it better or what feels good. It is the person receiving's job is solely to get off.

The first person to make their partner cum gets a $500 bonus. The person getting off may not shoot in the cocksucker's mouth and they cannot jack their own cock for longer than 30 seconds. So, when they pull out they are ready to cum.

The person with the fastest time wins.

To make it fare for both competitors, be sure to schedule a round two where they switch partners.

I.e. let’s say Braden blew Tyler and Logan blew Shane for the first round. Then Braden would blow Shane and Logan would blow Tyler in round two.

There would still be a bonus in round 2 just as before. However the over all winner will be the cocksucker with the best combined times to win $1,000.

Win or loose I would bet that Braden would really come around to sucking cock a little better. Maybe the contest could be between Braden and Shawn???? Who knows...:sneaky2: Just a wild suggestion. This could also make both guys run for the hills and never come back. You know them best. LOL

Fantastic shoot David. As I said before, with Braden you can really see what some of these guys go through being straight and learning to do Gay porn for the first time...:blushing: Anyway I am sure you had fun working with Braden and I cannot wait to see the things you came up with down the road.
Love this pairing of boys! Braden is def my "type" of guy, and I think that it is priceless to see an actual straight guy going thru the, drill to become a "gay for pay" porn star. 'm not totally convinced that he will "graduate" the acadamy, but if Drill Sargent Dave can't whip this boy into shape, no one can.
I really like the direction Dave has taken lately in showing us a glimpse of the porn the boys are watching. That has always been a bone of contention with me, as I have always wanted to see what the boys are watching and getting off on, so thanks Dave for turning your camera to the little screen for a sneek peek. Also, I loved the tighty whitey look on these boys, smokin'! They are called "butt huggers" for a reason, so please show us a good look at the boys behind, covered in that clinging cotton fabric.
Lastly, I would like to suggest that when you have a newbie like Braden who is paired up with a more experienced guy, why not put them in a 69 position, that way the straight boy can replicaie what the pro is doing to him. I have converted many a straight boy into an accomplished cocksucker by using this position. Once they start feeling good, it seems natural they want to return the favor and they will do to me what I am doing to them, and since I love to suck cock, it gets pretty intense. Just a thought for future reference.

I concur with my brethren that this was an entertaning episode.

Hey Jayman, I see we're on the same plane! - J
Jasonaz, you and I are definitely on the same page on this topic.:001_smile:
Interesting episode - Yup, thatz some large cocks! I gotta say that I like the tighty-whities; they make my eye lid twitch. Yum! Like others, I don't know if Braden will "Graduate" or not, but he could be well worth the effort you invest David. Please let us know if he goes on "Vacation" rather than just him disappear. Of particular interest was the aversion displayed by Braden. You could tell that , never in his wildest dreams did he ever think of getting naked with another man. This could be most interesting. As they say, "May the force be with this pair."
David, I have to say I really enjoyed this shoot....Even more than the Braden/Brian one. This was very entertaining to watch. Love to see the straight guy Braden learning, and I think it helps knowing he did 15 shoots, so it is a sure bet he gets better. I like the fact that this is what this site is all about is going from never done this before to pro..... I can't wait to see him develope further and think once we get to the end of Braden, it will be even better to go back and see the beginning again to remember how unskilled he was in the start.

Shawn, I have to say is great. I really like this boy, he is as cute as can be... Very sexy and love to see that he has developed also. Love the way he kept of the conversation asking if he liked it and love the talking while he was getting sucked, sorry that it was throwing off Braden, because I found it hot and would loved to have it continue. His cum shot was GREAT!!! I love those faces he makes and how intense he gets when cumming. Shawn is very special and hope we see more of him too.

In my opinion another great video from David and the crew!!! Keep them coming/cumming.
I also just went back and watched Shawn's first appearance on Broke Straight Boys and found it to be great also. I had not seen his first two times in a while so was nice to see them again. If your interested he was first on 9/9/06 Shawn and Devon and again on 12/2/06 in a 3 way orgy with Austin, Drew and Shawn. I thought they were both great and like having Shawn around, keep this one coming back please!!!
Shaun Shawn Sean or Shorn... whatever, he's hot and he always has that facial twitch when he's about to cum. I havn't seen this yet because you Yanks are hogging the internet so my download is rubbish. Will wait until the morning when you lot are all in bed lol
Viewed as a work in progress, it's not hard to enjoy Braden. I look forward to your crushing his spirit and breaking him to your whims. Shawn is really neat. One minor point, Eddy measured Braden's cock from the side and Shawn's from the top, unfair. You must do over again with both. Have Tyler do it, he's more OCDish.
Another enjoyable vid. I've always been a fan of Shawn. He's matured a bit physically, but the facial expressions are there, and it is nice to know his dick hasn't grown any smaller. :tongue_smilie:hehe

Braden must be one funny and entertaining guy. David is determined to make him a pornie, so he must like him a lot, and both Brian and Shawn couldn't help but get the giggles when they are shooting with him.

Loved Shawn warning Braden he'd better not puke on him. LOL! I really laughed when David told Braden he could lick Shawn's balls. Braden said "They look like a hairy potato."! :lol:

Fun vid, and I love watching the guys laugh and have fun while learning the "ropes" so to speak! hehe
Here's a thought - I've got a different direction to go with Braden. Pair him with someone like Diesal, rather than one of the boyz that have jumped all the way over the fence. He might be more comfortable with a manly dude rather than someone who's leaning a bit more to the other side.
maybe someone can help me out on this one. First, I loved the scene. Watching Braden struggle is tough especially knowing that his second oral experience did not go as well as the first. But, David has a "pet project" with him and I'm sure he would not have filmed 15 episodes if he had not been successful. As for the help, I loved watching Shawn but I went back through all 26 pages of the Broke Straight Boys lineup and could not seem to find him in any earlier episodes. I did find him in one on College Boy Physicals. Maybe someone can point me to the right page or date for his earlier shoot. Many thanks in advance for your help. I have to agree with rapper on the tighty whities. Damn, they looked so hot side by side in them.
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Hey Chase3398

Dont forget to use the search option available on right hand of main screen. Shawn comes up under both Shawn and Sean - has done 2 previous vids and I must concur - Shawn/Sean is hot and I loved the vid. As with the majority, Braden is hot and has the personality to be everyones mate.
frodo, many thanks. Did not think he had been around since '06! I found both. Did not recognize him the first time through. But, now I do! Thanks again.
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I liked this scene, and especially appreciated the fact that the camera gave us more than a split-second glimpse of Shawn's big semi hard cock when he was standing up, without panning away from it right when we would finally get a look at it. I love watching big hard cocks bouncing around when the guys stand there naked, so we can see them and ignore their hottness!

I think Shawn looks better as he gets a little more mature, and I remembered him from College Boy Physicals too.

I've seen him in a few scenes after he was on College Boy Physicals/Broke Straight Boys, I believe in some scenes he did for Helix and perhaps a few others. But, he hasn't been around every block 10,000 times like Austin so I'm totally cool with it.

Good scene!